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nissan micra (sporty-ish) supercharged 1.2 £9,586 @
Found 21st Jul 2014Found 21st Jul 2014
nissan micra (sporty-ish) supercharged 1.2 £9,586 @
supercharged 1.2 micra dig-s bluetooth and cd/mp3 0-60 is apparently 10.9 secs and it still gets 68 mpg on petrol (cheaper than diesel) ...and free annual road tax (band A) ...f… Read more
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omg u even get a high vis vest warning triangle and first aid kit!!


when did we switch from cars to bikes ...


Perhaps but a 1 ltr Formula Ford Ecoboost manages it, road legal.


Doubt you'll ever see 68mpg. You mean other makes such as Fiat (500), Mini and Audi (A1) ;) BTW year old higher spec ones (with satnav) seem the better deal.


Its the same spec engine they put in the Juke and Qashqai so in a light weight Micra I reckon it will take off!

NISSAN JUKE Hatchback SAVE 20% 1.6 Visia 5dr - £10593 @ New Car Discount
Found 13th Jul 2014Found 13th Jul 2014
NISSAN JUKE Hatchback SAVE 20% 1.6 Visia 5dr - £10593 @ New Car Discount
I thought this is a good price at £10.593 for cash or £11.406 on 3 years finance with £1000 deposit. What do you think guys?!
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Base cost was £14,615 but adding in pearlescent paint, 5 years servicing and MOT and a few minor extras took it up too £15,894. Just deciding now whether to wait until 1st of September for the new plates or not.


Hi F1 Fanatic how much did you pay for it?


Inspired by this thread, I've now placed an order for a Nissan 1.2 DiG-T Tekna in Force White from a genuine Nissan dealer for a fraction over the price on the listed website. Without the low price of the online seller I would never of been able to get the price down so low. Many thanks OP.




I really doubt that most of the population"hate" nissan jukes. Probably got more important things in life to worry about.

MAZDA MX-5 CONVERTIBLE1.8iSE2dr [Air Con] was £18470 now £14588 @ new car
Found 31st May 2014Found 31st May 2014
MAZDA MX-5 CONVERTIBLE1.8iSE2dr [Air Con] was £18470 now £14588 @ new car
21% saving on list price. Recently had to get rid of mine as started a family. These cars are excellent and loved every minute of owning one. Will definitely get another one when… Read more
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Who asked you? If I had wanted to hear from an ass hole I would have farted. Another muppet to add to my ignore list.


Spod, personally I think you are the "pointless, vapid, arrogant little troll" and not Jewpons!


whats his name? im a big wrestling fan.


OK stylists - back to your chairs! Nothing to see here, move along :)


Great cars, had two of the Mk2 (facelifts) drove all around Europe meeting other clubs (it has great community and made great friends) my brother got the Mk3 as sold here and it is the best money for ever paid for fun. Very cheap to maintain, reliable as a swiss watch. Just kick a second gear in a bend, hit the pedal and drift away with it's sweet rear wheel drive. if you are a bachelor, this is the best purchase EVER!

Brand new Nissan Qashqai - only £12,867 (save £4010!!!!)
Found 29th Oct 2013Found 29th Oct 2013
Brand new Nissan Qashqai - only £12,867 (save £4010!!!!)
Crazy price, and in my opinion much better deal than the Nissan Puke one that's currently mega hot. This saving is masssssive, if you were looking for a Qashqai second hand, at th… Read more
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Food for thought. My sister and her boyfriend bought a car last year for about £4000. Everything was fine when they bought it. The car broke down in a few month. They spent lots of money on repair. They sold it for £3000 but overall they lost about £4000 on it. I don't want to decide what's the best thing to do I just show the situation from a different point of view.


New model revealed November 7th


new x trail..


I am not quite sure I follow, but I don't know if this helps: a big misconception on cars is the claimed resale values/residual values. These are only based, as percentages on the list price of the vehicles, most such as those on Whatcar or other consumer mags tend only be "guess" basis, if you purchased the car today at the list price.


Autos are going for similar prices PLUS the cost of the transmission. I cant remember if the Nissan do a base model Qashqai with out the Auto option.

Brand new Nissan juke £10586 @ new car discount website
Found 28th Oct 2013Found 28th Oct 2013
Brand new Nissan juke £10586 @ new car discount website
Brand new '63 plate Nissan Visia 1.6 petrol. Inc del, reg fee etc. was £10700 a few months ago and my other half bought one. Excellent customer service...brilliant part ex on her s… Read more
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Yes 47 mpg out of your 1.8 Rave 4 lol


i think Oscar, the problem is - you talk about your car - I talk about mine :)


Yes but is it not a new 3 door car no passengers in near perfect conditions that they do mpg test,s to give you the maximum mpg you can expect with your car Have traveled through through night in fairly new car on motor ways used cruise control (set at 60mph) so no driver input really and The car still fell little short of extra urban figures (maybe extra load of lights) admittedly its not Rav4


The Olympic BMW's were not offered at massive discounts at all, I was privy to the complete list and there wasn't a single vehicle offered any cheaper than through the normal channels.


Nope, you'll find I was saying my current car lost 15k NOT I lost 15k from list price in it's first year. I actually bought it at well over 10k below list price as it was one of the high spec Olympics BMWs that were sold off at a massive discount (even though it had only about 1500 miles on the clock). Even then I expect to lost ~£4500 a year if I keep it for 3 years (obviously depreciation will fall if I keep it for longer). Seriously though - obviously not bragging as a) no one should brag about a BMW and b) if I wanted to brag wouldn't have told you how much less I paid than you assumed.

Nissan Juke 1.6 Visia 5dr £10,747 on the road Delivered Free to your door@New-Car
LocalLocalFound 9th Feb 2013Found 9th Feb 2013
Nissan Juke 1.6 Visia 5dr £10,747 on the road Delivered Free to your door@New-Car
Cheapest I can find Includes first reg fee, road tax and warranty Part ex available No hidden fees or charges.

I've also driven one of these (hire car for four days). Very easy to drive. However, I could never understand who it was designed for. It looks enormous on the outside but it is very small on the inside especially the boot! I can carry more shopping bags than can fit in the boot. To summarise, massive discount so HOT deal, not for me though! Thank you for posting OP.


Forgot to say, I was driving a Nissan Juke over the weekend - it's not too bad but I don't like the CVT gearbox on the current Nissan range - it just appears to "lug" the car in town and you get that resonance feeling similar to being in too high a gear ratio with a regular gearbox. Fuel economy was OK, with an average of the high 30's - it's a bit of a plastic expanse inside but for the money quoted here I'm sure it's no worse than the competition. Like many cars I don't like the position of the switch for the electric mirrors - you can adjust them when you are sitting in the natural driving position...what a bloody over-sight that is repeated time and time again...


I still think it's unlikely I'd buy a non-Japanese or Korean car as I do consider them to be a much better bet in the lonegr term. Right now, I'm driving a 2013 Dodge Challenger (for fuel economy reasons of course) but that's a company car as it were. The last two Korean cars I've bought have had issues - a KIA Picanto with Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Failure (Manufacturing defect from the factory!) and a Hyundai Entourage with IPS module failure (very common problem with a list of other likely failures). I've also had to replace the electric sliding door motors too. A friend of mine has a Honda Jazz that is a great little car but they suffer from rear wheel bearing failures and gearbox input shaft failure at a very low mileage. It appears that it's almost guaranteed that both will fail during the life of the car. I'd probably not buy a modern Nissan due to the possibility that they contain French (Renault) electrical components. :(


Fact... You are the first owner and V5 comes in due course from DVLA, not months later as reported above. I know cause i've just bought a Qashqai and this is what i was assured would be the case, I asked the question of V5. Might have been model or finance deal specific but this was not what was implied. Painless and saved over 4k. Thanks.


ooh ark at her getting on her high horse, think they bl00dy know it all!

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PEUGEOT 207 COUPE CABRIOLET 1.6 VTi Active 2dr £11,999 @
Found 13th Mar 2012Found 13th Mar 2012
PEUGEOT 207 COUPE CABRIOLET 1.6 VTi Active 2dr £11,999 @
A new 12 plate Peugeot 207 Coupe Cabriolet for under £12,000 for March delivery saving £4,780 against list price. Limited numbers and colours. Free delivery.

Don't know whether this is a good deal or not, but I got my car from these people in January and I found them very professional and gave me a good deal (Hyundai ix35).

Brand New VAUXHALL ASTRA HATCHBACK 1.6i 16V Life [115] 5dr [AC] £8499 Delivered @
Found 8th Jul 2011Found 8th Jul 2011
Brand New VAUXHALL ASTRA HATCHBACK 1.6i 16V Life [115] 5dr [AC] £8499 Delivered @
Includes. NO HIDDEN FEES Full UK Warranty. 12 months Road Tax, First Reg Fee, Free Delivery, Free Metallic Paint. Brand New cars but registered last year.

very nice


just took delivery of one 5 days after ordering , its as it says on tin , new car at used car money , i m impressed , i thought id get a little more for my old 407 but i guess you cant have it both ways


This is hot? You can buy 5 used 02 corollas for this price!


Now offered with only 6 months Road Fund License


Or better still, avoid Vauxhalls.(_;)