Newcastle UK to Malaga Spain for only £4.99 one way (£9.98 return) @ Ryanair

Newcastle UK to Malaga Spain for only £4.99 one way (£9.98 return) @ Ryanair

Found 2nd Dec 2016
Price starts from £4.99 one way or £9.98 return selected dates only.


Outbound dates: 04 Dec & 13 Dec ( at £4.99)
Inbound dates: 10 Dec, 12 Dec, 13 Dec, 15 Dec, 17 Dec, 19 Dec, 20 Dec, 26 Dec, 27 Dec (at £4.99)
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WOW !!!!!!
Unbelievable Geoff!
Rafa's weekend sorted
Why I man
anybody want my kids for a week?
Amazing, it would cost more for the taxi to/from the airport even living locally than it is for the flights, I only wish I could drop everything and go and do it. Have some heat!
Think i will buy this as a Christmas present for myself and pretend to the wife that someone gave me it as a gift from work X)
Good deal. Anyone with common sense would only want to go one way out of Newcastle anyways :P
If it was with almost anyone else I would have this in a heartbeat
You can sit here in the rain and cold for £0 as its raining pretty much every day in that area at the moment
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Newcastle is the **** of the world voted hot
Rse hole
They'd have to pay me to go to Newcastle!
When you select the "return" option it comes back with a pop-up saying "Really? Are you sure? Do you REALLY want a return? REALLY?? Oh well, your funeral.".
Excellent for economic and medical migrants who have exhausted UK resources.
Birmingham roughly the same dates £9.99 e/w
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