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Astraweb Usenet - Unlimited DSL Package - £5.13 @ Astra Web
Found 28th Jul 2015Found 28th Jul 2015
Astraweb Usenet - Unlimited DSL Package - £5.13 @ Astra Web
Seems like an amazing deal from Astraweb, just signed up myself so can confirm its genuine!. The only restriction is you have to use PayPal to purchase this, but thats it. Unlimit… Read more
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Thanks for posting this useful info! I tested out the trial and must say it was absolutely flawless! no errors, missing or broken files! The 20% promo discount is also there to use. It's weird though, it says only 5GB traffic on the free trial but I managed to go upto 26gb lol after that it wouldn't let me continue downloading. I still have my astraweb account running, well its paid for till next month anyway so ill use that up and go for a package with usenetbucket. In the meantime I did cancel my subscription on paypal with astraweb just to make sure they don't take any more money out. Been with them for over 8 years and everytime they still ask for an order number jeez as if I know that by heart, just look up my email add ya numpties! Glad I am finally leaving them. Thanks again


thanks to poster - my feed now down from $11 to the $8 - every little helps Generally OK for me - have had problems with incompletes but seems to have improved just recently


Happy to help fellas, can't post it as a deal as its not a UK deal. Belting for the price and speed.


I use the SuperSearch facilitiy within Newsleecher for this.


Anthony...where do you get links from? I'm used to finding nzb files (nzb newsleecher (astraweb server) to download...and get the same repeated partial downloads. What's the process with usenetbucket?

Astraweb News Server - Unlimited for $15 every 2 months (equal to approx £4.81 per month)
Found 23rd Aug 2013Found 23rd Aug 2013
Astraweb News Server - Unlimited for $15 every 2 months (equal to approx £4.81 per month)
Unlimited DSL Plan 2 Months Special Offer - No Setup Fees Unlimited DSL - US$15 every 2 months Works out to be $7.50/month! No Speed Limits No Download Limits Exactly the same as … Read more

pretend it's some secret piracy paradise


I think payment by paypal does not include "certain" newsgroups?


I've just received my pro rata refund and account upgraded.


Afterdawn is a great site. I've not used it for a while mainly due to this bloomin' site but if I'm ever stuck it's a top pick. Back to the deal in hand... I usually go for blocks as I'm only a light user so won't be taking advantage of this but for those who do download everything that moves it's a corker. Glad to see Paypal back as well after it'd been pulled for a while!


I believe there is a wealth of Usenet related info, provider comparisons, tutorials and full explanations of topics like nzb, par files and newsreaders at a site called "Afterdawn"

Astraweb $96 a year - Unlimited downloads
Found 29th Mar 2012Found 29th Mar 2012
Astraweb $96 a year - Unlimited downloads
It's meant to be a special offer but I got it years ago and any time I go to look for it for friends it's still available. It's the same as the Unlimited DSL Package which cost $11… Read more
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You really should, it's a great deal that got me started with UseNet (like you I just couldn't live without my linux ISOs).


Im on the Unlimited DSL Package, Im tempted to switch to this one instead. If anyone asks why I use binary newsgroups. Its to download Linux ISOs ;)

Astraweb 1TB Block £31.47
Found 28th Mar 2012Found 28th Mar 2012
Astraweb 1TB Block £31.47
Seems a good deal, now with Paypal

Its what alt.bin was created for, and porn.


If that's what you think carry on, you have been warned lol :)


Yep same here. Plus free SSL so the UK IP's dont limit the spped on your traffic


Hides it from the people you need to hide it from.


Lol at all the people riding high horse's, of all the immoral acts we partake in daily , replicating copyrighted digital data is about as harmless as it gets.

Astraweb 1TB Block $50 (£31 approx)
Found 17th Feb 2012Found 17th Feb 2012
Astraweb 1TB Block $50 (£31 approx)
Astraweb have been doing their block accounts for a while but the biggest was 180GB, until now. they now have 1TB block account for a bargainous $50 or roughly £31. now this wont b… Read more
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I've still got 600gb left, much better value than a monthly plan or the smaller packages. Especially as I mainly use it for tv shows and they've pretty much finished until September


Don't know why this is expired, it's a continuous deal, apart from a few pence here and there with the exchange rate


This deal is back on. 1TB is awesome - I've been using Astraweb for 4 years and haven't used a terabyte in all that time, so whilst I'm not in an urgency to top my account up, thought I'd grab it in case it is only a limited time promotional offer. Find Astraweb fine for old stuff (like year plus), though on couple of rare occasions I have found stuff no longer on their servers


Thanks op. Still working through the 1tb from NewsGroupDirect I bought last June - They're not so good on the older stuff though. I've been buying the 180gb blocks for ages, but this is much better value


My pleasure.

Astraweb Usenet - Unlimited DSL Package - $11/£7.03 @ Astraweb
Found 27th Aug 2011Found 27th Aug 2011
Astraweb Usenet - Unlimited DSL Package - $11/£7.03 @ Astraweb
Astraweb $11 deal for the unlimited DSL is back! At current exchange rate it works out to be about £7.03 on paypal I have just signed up and all going well so far! Features SSL … Read more
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Should not be expired as offer is still valid


Also guys, unsure of usenet, do some google searches yourself & can also try risk free with a unlimited 3 day trail at Hitnews


No point Shengis.. some people just don't get it. Been with astra a long time, best value around imo




lol my mobile has unlimited data, 'all you can eat' viva la One Plan (Three Network)

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Astraweb Usenet News Server - Yearly Plan Special - $96.00 - (£60.62)
Found 21st May 2011Found 21st May 2011
Astraweb Usenet News Server - Yearly Plan Special - $96.00 - (£60.62)
This has been posted a few times and then expired. If you google.'Astraweb Yearly' the first link is as above for me. It's also available for existing customers who should alread… Read more

Too true. Initially I was a bit confused but once you sort out the server info properly in your program, and also get QuickPar sorted it's easy sailing. So much faster than torrents (imagine a movie down in 15 minutes) and it's secure too (if you pay for it)


supernews here $11.99 although i pay $11 i dont mind paying $1 extra as i haven't experienced any speed fluctation that i did on astraweb. overall astraweb is good though. ng are great for HD & games and i generally use the matrix, matrixXXX and nzbrus. i don't rate ng for music so i still stick to what. for that.


Heat from me.. I got the monthly deal (and have had for a while). Like Jacksonliam says, maxing out your 50meg line is a thing of beauty (+1 on NZB Matrix & NZBs r us, too)


You won't look back. To those that have not used usenet before, the biggest + is that you are not left wondering which file share host to use. I was consistantly in a position where what I wanted was not available on whatever file share host I was subscribed to. Also there is none of the 'file not found' issues. The learning curve is nowhere near as difficult as I had imagined.


somewhat tempted to give this a try, I use rapidshare currently for all my downloading needs

Astraweb Usenet - Unlimited DSL Package - £7 @ Astra Web
Found 8th Mar 2011Found 8th Mar 2011
Astraweb Usenet - Unlimited DSL Package - £7 @ Astra Web
Switched from giganews - much cheaper and a better service in my opinion. Price is dependant on exchange rate. Paypal accepted. SSL Enabled Unlimited Downloads No Speed Cap. 934 … Read more

I'm getting on really well with Newsdemon and paying £4.44 a month for their unlimited service. No complaints from me at all. 50 connections and downloads have been all fine so far.


I fully agree, I signed up with newsdemon earlier this month, and cant get it to work full stop. I have emailed their support, and tried their live support to no avail whatsoever, they are total tosh. Astraweb continues to work perfectly. Have cancelled newsdemon, and doing a chargeback on my credit card, since I have not been able to use their service once.


Good luck, you will need it. Newsdemon are the "Tiscali" of usenet providers. Do a little google, I promise you will regret your decision.


No such problems with and cheaper too (see offer elsewhere on here)


Bleurgh, just signed up, Astraweb has incomplete posts galore! Wasting my time mucking about with par2 files not to mention the associated extra bandwidth involved in getting them when I hardly needed them before with good old (expensive) Giganews...

AstraWeb only $11, Retention going to 820 days (Unlimited DSL) (Paypal Accepted)
Found 15th Nov 2010Found 15th Nov 2010
AstraWeb only $11, Retention going to 820 days (Unlimited DSL) (Paypal Accepted)
*~*The Price below is dependent on exchange rate*~* Astraweb Announces Retention Upgrade to 820 Days Astraweb is pleased to announce that we have just completed an infrastructure… Read more

40 meg down and 10 meg up fibre to the cabinet. Sorry.


I'm pretty sure they could tell it's Usenet just by the destination address regardless of what encryption and ports you used.


Did anyone mention copyrighted material? I thought we were using this service to discuss interesting topics, get linux distros and other creative commons material :)


i said nothing about what it does or who it does it O.o hahaha


why has this expired if this priceis the norm ?

Astraweb Unlimited DSL 12 Month Plan - $96 Year Usenet
Found 3rd Apr 2010Found 3rd Apr 2010
Astraweb Unlimited DSL 12 Month Plan - $96 Year Usenet
Yes the original deal has expired for this... However... Signup using the direct link Then email customer se… Read more

dont really see it as being screwed but interesting a few people talking about nzbmatrix may give it a try


Newzbin is screwed and a really ugly site compared to Nzbmatrix. A lot of users have moved from newzbin over to the matrix and have already commented how much better it is and worth the £7.


Thanx sozzle my bad lazy copy\pasting of deal info from old expired deal.


Me too :thumbsup:


Newzbin has just lost a court case against the Motion Picture Association, will be intereting to see what happens to them.

AstraWeb Unlimited DSL Yearly Plan Special Offer - $96 per year or $8pcm
Found 6th Dec 2009Found 6th Dec 2009
AstraWeb Unlimited DSL Yearly Plan Special Offer - $96 per year or $8pcm
Was exploring the Astraweb deal posted by rufus bezak and came across this yearly deal - presumably cheaper if you intend to subscribe for a year. Available to new and existing c… Read more

It says that this offer is available to existing users neemo. Whats the best way to pay for this service please.


This isn't an ISP. Basically you are paying to download/upload files on their servers. Files that allow you can read, watch, listen and install on your computer after you have used NZBs, PARs, RARs and ZIPs to get them back to their original form.


Hi, this is unusual...using a foreign ISP to get online. Not heard of it before. Sounds like a good deal too!


Mate they have been going strong since 1997...


Been with Astraweb for quite a while now and this is a steal as i pay $11 monthly

AstraWeb Usenet $11.00 a Month (£7.00) Unlimited DSL!
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
AstraWeb Usenet $11.00 a Month (£7.00) Unlimited DSL!
Unlimited DSL - US $11 (Currently £7.00) every month. # No Speed Limits # No Download Limits # Exactly the same as Unlimited DSL Plan # You will pay $11 for every month as… Read more
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Anyone using astraweb finding the speeds poor? I sometimes get 100% of my 20mb connection but then like now its right down and it is not throttling.




I am a newbie at all this. Does anyone know if Plusnet have anything similar to Virgin ?


I have 3 newzin invites. If anyone would like one PM me with your email address and I can invite you.


vm is unlimited. They just cap speeds. grabit is as good as you can get :thumbsup: better off with the $25 for 180gb package if you download less than 80GB per month (on average). You can still download stuff which is under 7 days old using the virgin news server ( PORT 119) to save on your astraweb allowance being used up too quickly.

12 Months Subscription to Astraweb for $96!!! Roughly £4.80  or $8  per month!!
Found 2nd Jul 2009Found 2nd Jul 2009
12 Months Subscription to Astraweb for $96!!! Roughly £4.80 or $8 per month!!
This is an amazing time limited offer from Astraweb where you can get a years subscription to their unlimited speed, unlimited downloads SSL service for $96 which is roughly £58 wh… Read more

Sounds good to me then :thumbsup:


Virgin would before Astraweb would!


Same, with Giganews i was getting nice fast download speeds, i'm on the virgin 20 meg, so if Astraweb can match or even get close to Giganews speeds i'll be hapy Was just worried with the special as it's cheap they will cap the download limit and i'll end up downloading at dial-up speed :w00t:


I always max my connection out whether at home (20mbs) or in work (100mbs) highly recommend


Had a reply from Giganews saying they couldn't price match so i told them to cancel my account. Was wondering if anyone signed up for the yearly special with Astraweb? as i want to know what the speeds are like. Thanks

Astraweb 180GB allowance with no subscription for $25 (current exchange = £15.13)
Found 21st Jun 2009Found 21st Jun 2009
Astraweb 180GB allowance with no subscription for $25 (current exchange = £15.13)
XXX FAR BETTER THAN TORRENTS XXX 50 connections - unlimited speed. (Price above is at Sunday 21st June exchange rate quoted from I've been using Astraweb and usenet for … Read more

Sorry, to hijack this thread a bit. I went for the other unlimited offer and I was wondering if any of you good folk have a spare newzbin referral you could send me? Many thanks! (Astraweb is excellent so far by the way!).


i've no idea about this astraweb but am i correct assuming that this is no different than rapidshare? thx for the head up


I don't use ratio sites, and have my client set to 2.0 before removing the torrent. I like to play fair, and it seems to work?


Of course you can, although I suppose it depends what you download. Not sure I've ever seen enough content I want lately, there are no films or albums out I particularily want. Hell, even just using TPB and sorting by seeds will give you decent speeds for most new TV shows! It depends what you want, which is why I asked on my first post if this content was much different to what I can already get for free. All TV shows I want, all movies, they all appear very quickly on the free sites. The new series of weeds for example, I get the 720p version in about 20 mins or so the morning after its aired. I could probably get it sooner, I just always queue things up before work so don't tend to look. I'm not quite sure what you get from this paid for service that I don't, if you told me there was exclusive content unavailable for free then great, but until you can give me an example I can't see a point. Are there films in DVD quality that I can only get screeners of? What is better? If the content is superior, I might pay, but it seems most content appears everywhere within hours. If its just the slightly better speed, I'm not fussed. My DLs happen when I'm AFK, so it wouldn't affect me.


Added some info to the deal post to make it clearer. Hope it helps :thumbsup:

AstraWeb only $11, Retention going to 270 days (Unlimited DSL) (Paypal Accepted)
Found 2nd Feb 2009Found 2nd Feb 2009
AstraWeb only $11, Retention going to 270 days (Unlimited DSL) (Paypal Accepted)
*~*The Price below is dependent on exchange rate*~* Astraweb Announces Retention Upgrade to 270 Days Astraweb is pleased to announce that we have just completed an infrastructure… Read more

Like yourself I loved the user interface of Usenext. I tried the 15 day trial, but cancelled before the end of due the "scam reports" of Usenext, so I'm wondering if you stayed with Usenext (and if so have you had any problems re billing) or did you move to Astraweb, and if you moved how does it compare? Many thanks in advance


You do get a free copy of News Rover and first class support and service. Maybe Astra's just as good though - I don't know. For pretty much guaranteed top speeds, reliability and service i'm happy to pay the bit extra.


Yeah but lets be honest it's not changing that much is it? My payment stats... Oct: £7.11 Nov: £6.92 Dec: £6.77 Getting cheaper by the month:giggle: Good service as well, maxes my Virgin 50mb.


You cant use hitnews... they redirect you to xennews.


I know, but what you need to do is choose to pay by World Pay in sterling and use the 20% off code and that's what you pay. For me it's £8.40 a month. I suppose it depends what the current exchange rate is at the time, but it won't go up and down every month like Astraweb's.