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NewsgroupDirect / Newsdemon $3.99 month / $40 year with VPN access
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Great price for usenet access with VPN. $3.99 month $40 year… Read more
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Still works!


I'm a little confused. If someone could shed some light it would be appreciated. When looking at pricing, each plan says "Unlimited". Yet further down the pages it refers to "Usenet Blocks" and further prices like $9 for 50gb etc


Some chat on reddit from the owner of NGD The VPN allows 5 connections from two IP addresses Edit: Several people have asked about activating the VPN. Currently NGD requires you to message support to activate the VPN. I am planning on changing that as soon as I have time, but for now you will need to ask support to activate your VPN account. Also, the VPN account will have access to all the VPN server locations.

strocky Review of the VPN offered


Even that's not so bad anymore due to obfuscation. Newsdemon used to be good to me around 10 years ago, no idea if anything has changed but the price looks great

Unlimited Usenet access for $3.99 pm (£2.82 approx) at Newsgroupdirect
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
I've been with these guys for almost 4 years and this is as good a deal you will ever find. Faultless service, and the price won't change. If you prefer you can pay for a year in o… Read more

nzbmanager is great


Was looking at this today and was thinking of the year deal, but this is very useful feedback, so I think I'll try a month and see how that goes first.


Okay I've been using for a week now. Been trying to download recent stuff from the last three years but all the large file downloads gives me either file is beyond server retention after downloading most of it or it's incomplete. The only one that downloaded was very poor quality. I'm going to give it a month and then cancel. Really sucks


just tried to sign up for the monthly deal but doesnt work?? Tried on 2 different browsers and get the same error when filling the form out 'Please correct the items in red below' but there is nothing marked in red at all. Another thing is that when you sign up for monthly on their site then price is slightly higher. I wonder if this deal is expired? Even though the op said its always available at this price. Not a good start. Might just have to go back to Eweka


Ive always used Newsbin Pro and happy with it.

Newsgroup Direct Black Friday Offers, $45 per year/$4 a month unlimited inc VPN and SSL
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
This is a pretty good price, works out around £34 for the year Unlimited Usenet Deals 3,385+ Days Retention 50 SSL Encrypted Connections VPN Access Included Or yo… Read more
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julieallen NZBGeek ($20 a year at the moment)


Used a couple but kept disappearing and got sick of looking for reliable sources, pm me some good ones if you like ;-)


Don't use the VPN these days (use NordVPN) but have used in the past and was okay.


The VPN apparently can be a little flaky at times by all accounts, but it does work, way I look at it is the access is worth the money, anything extra is a bonus :D


I was on $100 per year until earlier this year. Then got email informing me that I could have the same package for $75.00 per year. Then the black Friday sale has now allowed me to reduce it further. Bargain in my opinion. Don't forget unlimited storage with this as well as VPN.

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newsgroupdirect super deal
Found 30th Nov 2015Found 30th Nov 2015
Cyber Monday Unlimited Usenet + VPN - $100 Yearly including; Newsgroup newsreader unlimited including 50 connections... unlimited storage... VPN. Usual price $250 for 12 month… Read more

​Need to get a life if your trawling old posts to comment on. The point with hot uk deals in my mind if it is a deal ie cheaper than usual then it is a deal simlples eh, it is Irrelevant if a user does not think it is a deal because they don't want it simples eh. Now go and pester someone else simples eh.


Ah diddums, did someone vote your deal cold and now you are taking your ball home! Grow up!


Hey, some people have gone for it whether on my recommendation or not because there are only 78 left of 200. In my opinion a very good deal ... I would not have posted if I thought differently. I WILL NOT BE POSTING ON HUKD AGAIN, after all a deal is a deal, whether one wants to sign up or not. This is normally 250 and is currently 100. what is not a DEAL about that?


That's from 2013, so a lot can have changed in that time. I used real-debrid for a few months a year or so ago and they had a lot of trouble with filehosts closing accounts, throttling accounts, etc. Debrid sites are OK, if the stuff you want is on filehosts and not taken down yet, etc. It can be a pain to find things, and really not worth the effort.


Not in my experience. From time to time the odd host has been unavailable but I have to say it's not all that common. Try can try for 30days for a couple of quid...

Newsgroup Direct - 2TB Usenet Blocks for £47.50
Found 14th Mar 2015Found 14th Mar 2015
Usually $200. Might save more than a few bucks.

All block plans include: 2402 days retention No Expiration Date 50 SSL Connections Free Headers & Compression Share With Friends Ghost Path VPN ($5/mo)


wow £47 to pirate stuff? i'll just stick to torrents thanks


And? Nobody who wants non binary groups is likely to need 2TB either. Silly reply.


The non binary groups are usually free from your ISP.

Newsgroup Direct Deal of the week - 2 TB Blocks -  £42.20
Found 13th Feb 2015Found 13th Feb 2015
This is hot! Ends Feb 16.

surely you would be better spending your 42 quid buying legal music and dvds


newsgroups are one of the oldest aspects of internet, many groups are now more easily viewed via 'google groups' such as uk.rec.shed!forum/uk.rec.sheds go have browse they can be fun


Paying for piracy...


I received my first letter (email) from Plusnet. Signed up for a VPN immediately after. Why do they even try stopping the unstoppable.


In 6 years of torrenting I've never received a letter. There's even less chance of that happening now that I run my torrent server through a VPN.

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2 TB Usenet Blocks from NewsgroupDirect - £37.11
Found 28th Oct 2014Found 28th Oct 2014
The 2 TB deal is back. They had a 500 GB deal last week but I missed it. It's US $60 (normally $200). Good deal for occasional usenet users who don't need or want a subscription

just check out post#14 maybe cheaper


I do agree with that but I haven't really found anyone cheaper than Astraweb.


Got any proof? ;)


wont vote here as OP specifically states occasional users, however usenet server $10 a month unlimited packageLink Here is much better value , it is a recurring subscription however you can cancel it as soon as you pay for the first month, re set it if you want it again


Which is the best now

1 TB Usenet Sale - Terabyte Tuesday NewsgroupDirect - £21.98
Found 14th Oct 2014Found 14th Oct 2014
NewsgroupDirect's Terabyte Tuesday deal is happening today and tomorrow. It's 1 TB blocks for $35. Good deal, as always

Sickbeard for TV, NZBGet for the actual downloading. I believe Headphones and Couchpotato are good for music and movies respectively.


What's the best s/w for doing this at the mo?


Not everything, but most people using usenet these days are automating their downloads so it doesn't really matter.


No need for a VPN (with public torrents), no need to seed back (with private torrents), max out your download speed without using any upload.


Only problem is everything gets removed within a day making newsgroups pretty much useless.

2 TB for $60 from NewsgroupDirect
Found 27th Sep 2014Found 27th Sep 2014
Block usenet deal from Newsgroupdirect. 2 TB blocks for $60. Regularly priced $200.

Ah, like the cat's not already well and truly out of the bag. Pretty pathetic for downvoting it then.


Isn't this hot UK deals?? Last time I heard we dealt in sterling lol


No paypal either. Keep saying same deal emailed to me for past 14 months If it was NewsDemon I'd have snapped it up


It's a fightclub thing.


Or for another $4 you can get two months of Astraweb. Not sure why this is cold. Sure it's highwinds, but it's fast and that's a lot of data. It's a block account so a secondary account. This will last you a long time alongside another account or two.

1 TB of Usenet $35 from NewsgroupDirect (£21.45)
Found 17th Sep 2014Found 17th Sep 2014
Terabyte Tuesday time again. 1 TB block usenet accounts on sale for $35. Great deal for block users.

usenet only recently resurfaced and at the moment they do not charge - they have api access IIRC - nzbgeek have a lifetim eoffer going at the moment. They both free to browse you just pay for th edownload (on nzbgeek at least).


Thanks, but do you know what the prices are? As it's asking me to log in.



Can you provide links please?


nzbgeek usenet-crawler are two very good ones. As for the offer - its a good price - but theres plenty of unlimited monthly offers for less - i f you do indeed only need blocks then not bad. havent voted just wanted to give up a couple of good nzb sites

One year's unlimited Usenet access from newsgroupdirect for $65 (equivalent of £3.25 a month!)
Found 19th Aug 2014Found 19th Aug 2014
For those in the know, this seems to be one of the best unlimited deals I've ever seen for Usenet. Newsgroupdirect are often featured for their 1tb deals but if you're looking for … Read more
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or better still ,use block buys from both I do and hardly ever notice a takedown on both by the time I want it


Good deal but will stick with astraweb , they have been solid. I like the encrypted ssl too.


For anyone else in my boat: All accounts may be used for the subscriber's personal use only. These accounts should only be used by the owner of the account and there should only be one concurrent login session (up to fifty connections from the same IP address) at any time. No sharing of accounts is allowed.


depends how slow you are ;)


Everything is taken down so fast, usenet sucks now.

Usenet Blocks on Sale at NewsgroupDirect 2 TB for $60
Found 5th Aug 2014Found 5th Aug 2014
Good deal on usenet blocks. 2 TB block is $60 (regular $200) while the 500 GB block is $25 (reg $60).

Usenetserver top tier ultimate package (20 SSL connections, unlimited usage) is $95.40 (about £60) a year. Far better deal.


well I like captain pugwash but I get where your coming from . ill save my money cheers


Nope it's a little more towards this angle:


bit confused . is this cloud storage . pay once and you get 2 tb storage for ever


Wont vote here as I know some people like to use blocks as it maybe more convenient (it doesn't expire) but think this is more value (usenet server)if you want to use these at all, Usenet server unlimited service at only $10 a month with free ssl & 2181 days retention I belive its 50+ connections (cant confirm) look Here

1 Terabyte (TB) Block Usenet account for $30 (£17.85approx) @ NGD
Found 27th May 2014Found 27th May 2014
Our 10 year anniversary celebration begins with our legendary 1 TB blocks. We first introduced these back in 2010 and they immediately changed the industry. These are the same bloc… Read more
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I've had the account for years. When I signed up the code took a certain % off. Will remain the same for the life of it too. But it does get used.


£3.20? How?



Google is your friend.


Anyone have a good guide/advice for getting started with usenet? I'm using file hosts at the moment for ummm... my Linux distros and looking for an alternative as links go down quite quickly so older uploads are difficult to find. I'm paying £80/2yrs at the moment so wondering what I could get for a similar price.

Terabyte Tuesday - 1 TB Usenet Blocks for $35 / £21 @ newsgroupdirect
Found 13th May 2014Found 13th May 2014
The always awesome Terabyte Tuesday deal is back! 1 TB usenet blocks for $35. imho it's the best way to use usenet

Elaborate please. :-)


Interesting Comments you mention there ..... I had heard of these so-called 'Newsgroups' from back in the Day as being kinda 'LIVE' still? (though I personally haven't explored such an Option as much as I maybe could have still?) .. I'm assuming that thats still the case with these Newsgroups then?, or ..... thanx. :-)


Suspect a lot of the cold voters do indeed know what usenet is... Remember the first rule of Usenet. (_;)


No, it's like 1000 movies at 1Gb each!


1tb will go faat That's like 10 movies 1gb each

1 TB Usenet Blocks for $35 from NewsgroupDirect
Found 16th Apr 2014Found 16th Apr 2014
Excellent price for usenet users who use block accounts. Ideal for a backup account if you already have a primary.

I use the free virginmedia server for newsgroups for all latest stuff no monthly fee or usage restrictions although u only get 100 days or so it does me


I never understood why you would pay to steal stuff


Link you give says $38 but this direct link says $35. Good post anyway. I have decided not to go for the deal. You can only pay direct with your credit card or using Worldpay. NGD are unknown to me and I don't like giving overseas companies my credit info. I found so many reviews saying Worldpay are terrible to deal with and have many accusations of fraud against them. So even though this sounds like a great deal for me the risk is to high to chance it. Shame they don't do Paypal or I would snap it up. BTW they say you can share your Terrabyte with as many people as you like but their Acceptable Use Policy says "No sharing of accounts is allowed" and if you do they will cut you off. Make of that what you will but it sound amateurish to me.


I thought newsgroups died off after forums came about ... I'm always wrong!


Great price for a block news account.

Spring Usenet Sale - 2 TB blocks for $60 + Xbox Giveaway @ NewsgroupDirect.
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
Seems like a good deal to me. * 2 TB blocks for $60 * 500 GB blocks for $25. + A chance to win Xbox One Titanfall Bundle. All the best!

Torrents are to slow, i have 150Mbps with VM. plus VM throttle VPN's


That used to be most peoples experience with torrent though :D I don't use torrent much these days so no idea if that's still the case.


It depends if you find yourself using Usenet every few days for relatively small amounts of data, I switched from Astraweb to these people and have found the service to be rock solid and better for retention. I'm currently on an annual unlimited for $60 which is definitely a bargain in my book, especially as I typically get downloads at 153mb/s which is right at the limit of my internet connection. One thing I didn't notice before, in my system (a high end i7 laptop running win 8.1), replacing the HD with an SSD increased the download speeds, presumably because the SSD can handle writing the data much faster, high speed cable internet was effectively hitting a hard disk bottleneck. mike


I'm on at the moment. No complaints, although old content is harder to come by as links will likely be down. It's great for new stuff though.


Don't know why people waste their time with Usenet, more than half of everything I download is fake. Better to get a VPN and torrent

NewsgroupDirect 2 TB of Usenet for US $60
Found 28th Feb 2014Found 28th Feb 2014
Another Newsgroupdirect deal. This time it's 2.2 TB (including the 10% header bonus) for $60. It's a bit better deal than the usual Terabyte Tuesday deal. Expires at midnight EST o… Read more

rarely have problems with NGD / Astra combinations. Just read the comments to save wasting bandwidth.


why? 1TB cost me £18 and lasts me a years. Cant see one for £1.50 per month anywhere!


Usenet is a waste of time now due to DMCA takedowns, some stuff only last hours before its gone. is a better option.


Sorry, just don't see this as that good. Been burned by one of these in the past, a 1tb one, got about a tenth of the way through and it folded, no money back, no answering emails, if it had even been NewsDemon who ARE trustworthy, and you CAN use paypal, even then I'd not be happy about spending this much


Yes, that's right. Now run along.

Terabyte Tuesday Usenet Deal - 1 TB for $35
Found 19th Feb 2014Found 19th Feb 2014
The February edition of Terbyte Tuesday is up now at Same deal as the last few months, 1 TB for US $35. I'm a little late on posting it… Read more

Thanks for that. For those who know, this is very useful. First rule and all that...


For those who don't know, 1TB of what? And is not available now anyway.