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First AND Last NOTW For The Cost Of A Stamp
Found 10th Jul 2011Found 10th Jul 2011
NOTW are offering to send out a free copy of today's last NOTW and the first NOTW all sealed in nice plastic - all for the price of a stamp (to send the coupon to them) (36p or 46p… Read more
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Jeez, you come to party late. On another note has anyone received their papers yet? Or is Murdoch still busy putting in the listening devices Edit: Received mine this morning.




hahaha, this was a joke right?


Typical response!! Bad tho that was, WHAT ELSE have they done (I bet if I could lock you in a room and ask that question, you would be dumbstruck). Was what they did worse than the Police bungling the investigation? I don't think so. I gave up on newspapers years ago, my friend. I never had the time or inclination to read these comics.


But its a fact, from now on, you can't read the News of the World. Whilst British people may have criticised you its an Australian who is telling you. Maybe the Beano may make a comeback.

Final Edition of The News of The World (168yr-old newspaper) £1 on Sunday.
Found 8th Jul 2011Found 8th Jul 2011
News International says the News of the World will publish its final edition on Sunday. The 168-year-old newspaper has been embroiled in a row about the hacking of mobile phon… Read more
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Muppets. Perhaps one day it will be worth hundreds. Do I regret not getting it? Not in a heartbeat!


Howso, unless you're talking about California?


saw one sell for £13.50 + £1.99 postage on ebay just a bit ago


Defense lawyers?


All the Murdoch papers in the uk are cr*p. The N.O.W just reached new lows. Prosecute all involved within News International and jail them. The police officers who took the bribes are even lower scum and should be dismissed, loose their pension rights and jailed for a good few years too.. I pity and pray for the victim's families having to pick up their lives from this.

Sunday newspaper offers - see post - NOTW/ Mirror/ Sunday Mail/ Telegraph/ Star/ Express
Found 2nd Jul 2011Found 2nd Jul 2011
**NEWS OF THE WORLD £1** FREE - Club Penguin Trading Cards - Redeem at all stockists FREE - £5 off £25 at JJB Sports - you print here… Read more

Anyone see the Evans voucher in the Telegraph? Anyone know what page its on?


:) Just buy the paper, and give them the voucher from it


do u know if you have to pay for them with the voucher or is it buy the paper rip token out and give it to customer services


Doubt it, they probably have to send spares back with the spare newspapers. BTW you get them from customer services


ahh thanks do u recon if i go into my sainsburys tommorrow do u recon they will have any optimus primes left from today

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Sunday newspaper offers - see post - NOTW/ Telegraph/ Express/ Star
Found 21st May 2011Found 21st May 2011
**NOTW £1** FREE Lego - Pharaoh's Quest Desert Glider - Redeem at WHSmith or Toys R Us **SUNDAY TELEGRAPH £2** FREE - Penny Smith Novel from the ibookstore FREE - Guide to the be… Read more

I spent ages looking - thought someone here posted it! I got last weeks but there isnt one this week :( - oh well at least I got the lego I guess...


I'm twice as annoyed as i stupidly bought 2 copies!!!!!


No theres not and ive just wasted a £1 buying it thinking there was one in.Also told a friend about it so will have to text her an apology!


There is No £5 off £40 spend at Morrisons in the NOTW this week


NOTW offer Only 96p HERE

£5 off £40 @ Morrisons in News Of The World
Found 19th May 2011Found 19th May 2011
SORRY, THERE IS NO VOUCHER!! Thanks to MorrisonsEmployee on MSE

Apparently, there in NO Morrisions voucher in this weeks NOTW:


Just to update, MK Kingston Tesco will accept Morrisons voucher and any Tesco money off voucher in the same transaction as long as it meets minimum spend requirement. Saved £12 today, not bad...


Does anyone have the link to print off this weeks voucher


Worked fine for me in Rawtenstall..... Lad on counter said to supervisior, what do I do with this... She said "just scan it." No worries


Thanks - Though I just use non store specific vouchers at Sainsbury and now do my main shop at Morrison's as someone said already I seem to get much more for my money and it tastes better.

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Home Media Device & Five DVDs Offer - £23.98 Delivered @ News of The World (Online)
Found 17th Apr 2011Found 17th Apr 2011
THIS isn't just any DVD player -it's a media player that will also let you listen to and watch most CDs, VCDs and picture disks. In fact, it'll let you view almost any media file,… Read more

Still waiting for my player as well.


i still aint got my media player been nearly 3 months now think ive been scammed they have took the money tho think mite ave to get a solicitor to sort this out


yes but whats the name :p


Still waiting for mine that I ordered 2 months ago lol


i think all dvd players let you listen to cds and watch vcds. if it dosnt do divx it aint worth it. not voted tho until divx confirmed

£5 Off £30 spend at The Co-op Stores in Sundays NOTW
Found 19th Mar 2011Found 19th Mar 2011
£5 Off £30 spend at The Co-op Stores in Sundays NOTW Offer on again this week - save a fiver off your shopping Probably be other offers too - but this has been advertised already… Read more
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i use the large tesco in newton abbot devon before i start my shop i go to customer services to check they accept the voucher everytime i asked they said yes.once the till person when i paid for my shop said i cant use it so he called his supervisor and she put him straight.


thanks - i've got the newspaper at home (retrieved from a communal recycling bin :) but the link may be useful for others.


link to voucher without buying the paper -


thanks - i'll give it a try at the weekend.


ours take any vouchers from shops that are nearby - not sure if all are the same, i used the M&S £5 off ones each week after Christmas in tesco fine.

Sunday newspaper offers - see post - NOTW/ Telegraph/ Mail/ Mirror/ People/ Express/ Star
Found 12th Mar 2011Found 12th Mar 2011
**NOTW £1** FREE - £5 off when you spend £30 at The Co Operative - Expires: Sun 20th - Also valid at Tesco FREE - 2 tickets to Alton Towers worth £79 (9 token collect) Read more ht… Read more

Took this to Tesco yesterday and they wouldn't take it. Will never take another retailers voucher again as she called the supervisor etc, and the whole queue were all staring at me like I was some crazy person for holding everyone up with a co-op voucher!! ......was mortified, not worth the humiliation for a fiver !


I just rang tesco who say they are not taking the co-operative vouchers :(. Woman on the phone sounded like i was mad for even asking! I thought they accepted other vouchers? I remember the huge signs saying "we accept morrisons etc".


awesome will give it a whirl tomorrow then


because tesco accept other stores vouchers Guess so


how is the co op voucher valid at tesco also is it ok to use the voucher with a video game purchase ?

Free Pint of Guinness At Walkabout With Captain Cash @ News of The World
Found 11th Mar 2011Found 11th Mar 2011
Free pint of Guinness at Walkabout @ Captain Cash Register, login, click redeem now, save PDF (isnt working for me atm but im sure theyll fix it soon) print, take into walkabout p… Read more

Heat for the picture alone :D


Direct Link:

 £5 off when you spend £30 or more @ Co-Op with NOTW Sunday 13th
Found 6th Mar 2011Found 6th Mar 2011
£5 off when you spend £30 or more at The Co-Operative food Voucher in next Sunday's News Of The World Might be able to use at Tesco too?

There is no PDF voucher available on the NOTW website, they will post it instead. Although 'AnonymousUKMofo' on MSE newspaper thread posted a scan


And will you be posting a PDF of the voucher, as he was going to?


A few people... because it was already posted. I have an online subscription too


Who spammed the other thread? :( The guy had an online subscription and was going to post the voucher to save buying the paper!


Tesco will take this, we have been getting till spits from co-op when we buy our daily paper for £2 of £10 spend and tesco have taken these no problem.

Home DVD/USB/MP4/DivX/AVI Media Player With 5 DVDs - £23.98 Delivered @ News of The World
Found 5th Mar 2011Found 5th Mar 2011
Seems like a good deal for the price. Further details available via the link. Here's the proper link if the other doesn't work...

Thanks for the above links hmmmnice :-)


one of these would be a significantly better purchase****&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B003HC7U42



only review I could find Failed after 1 month Jul 13, 2009 By Ralf Hutter The DVD player comes with a European plug and an adapter for US outlets. Not a big deal since it works. When you turn it on the loading tray lights up in a bright blue. This light comes on whenever the unit is powered and it stays on. If you place your DVD player close to your TV that may be a concern as it distracts from the TV. The player does not respond well to the remote control though, which seems to be caused by the poor quality of the remote control itself. The reason why I give this product a poor review is that it failed just after one month. It worked fine right out of the box. You can play DVD's from different regions without any issues. After just a very few times watching a DVD, the player stopped the picture for a second or so, then continued. That happened after a week or so. Some players do that and it is not a good sign. It actually got a lot worse shortly after that. When you turn it on, it would not respond to the remote control and also not to the buttons on the unit itself. It took about 30 minutes to finally open up and load a DVD and also play it. It stopped again during the movie and that was it. It took a while to get the DVD out. The unit is now on its way back to VCT Electronics. I informed them and told them that the unit was failing several times and the failures started within the first month of operation. They offered for me to send it back at my own costs and they would look at it. Not what I hoped to hear, but I hope they will come around and credit me for the unit. They claim I told them after 30 days and that was their policy. I accept that and will buy someplace else. When I bought it there have not been any reviews on this product and I gave it a try. I do not recommend this unit. What I recommend is to send anything that fails within 30 days back to the seller right away. Don't let the first month go by if you experience a failure no matter how small that failure is.


DVD's are worthless and the DVD players is Cheap chinese crap with USB DiVX support.... only worth £20 max..... COLD

Free seeds and DVD veg growing guide - pay £1.72 for P&P @ news of the world
Found 5th Mar 2011Found 5th Mar 2011
HERE'S another great offer for your garden - FREE seeds and a FREE How to Grow Vegetables DVD. The disk, worth £14.99, is packed with demonstrations and handy hints for beginners … Read more
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I can hardly contain my indifference!


I doubt anyone would have ever paid £14.99 for the disk, when all this info is freely available all over the internet, so you're paying £1.72 for a worthless disk and some seeds. wow.


Direct link

Free Peony Tree worth £15 - just pay £4.50 P&P @ news of the world
Found 5th Mar 2011Found 5th Mar 2011
Treat yourself or a loved one to a Tree Peony Royal Wedding - named in honour of Kate and Wills. Worth £14.99 this oriental Tree Peony makes a great plant for borders, where it wi… Read more
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Yep hold on..


Got any pics?


Mine is in bloom and is beautiful


have you got yours yet and how heigh is it?

£5 Hotels is back with News Of The World!
Found 2nd Feb 2011Found 2nd Feb 2011
Paper costs £1 £5 Hotels is back!! In this week’s NotW we’re giving you the chance to head to some amazing hotels from just £5 a night! Just collect two tokens from the paper over… Read more

Make sure you check your room for surveillance bugs


this deal was utter rubbish last year-too many restrictions,and really the five pound hotels were extremely rare-even the higher price band ones were pretty dreadful. wonder if its any better this year,or if it will once again be a £5 room in a hotel in the middle of nowhere on condition that you purchase a £15 quid breakfast each? not voting either way til I see whats actually on offer.

£10 Off First Tesco Online Shop Plus £5 Cashback & 2 for 1 & Kids Go Free Theme Park Tickets in the News of The World
Found 23rd Jan 2011Found 23rd Jan 2011
FREE - £10 - OFF Your Shopping - Coupon redemption at TESCO online (unsure of minimum spend - will post when find out) Also .......... FREE - Theme Park Tickets - 2 for 1 Offer - … Read more
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"Captain Cash can help get you a recession busting £10 off your first online shop with the store when you spend £50 or more." This voucher is widely available elsewhere but you wouldn't get the £5 Captin Cash Cashback.


First order only - "Captain Cash can help get you a recession busting £10 off your first online shop with the store when you spend £50 or more."


Think I received an email about this from Captain Cash - i'm pretty sure it was only available on your 1st shop ????


the £10 off when you spend £50 is ONLINE via captain cash


Sounds good.

Free £50 Change 4 Life Vouchers @ News of The World
Found 9th Jan 2011Found 9th Jan 2011
Not sure if deals or free - free but need to sign up In today's News of the World. Or you can register for the free trial on NOTW's website and get the vouchers also FOR FREE! h… Read more
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the Robinson squash is only 1.50 at asda so its only 80p with the voucher, and freeFoodie, you can use more than one per transaction but not multi-buy e.g. use 6 vouchers to buy 6 bottles of squash all in the same transaction.


vouchers are a joke - ASDA only plus 1 per transation (and only a month to use them in) so unless you shop at ASDA every day they are useless. I best most people with good intensions to use these vouchers will struggle to break even on the quid paid for the paper.


Cobra Zero = Alcohol Free. Thats the healthy part


70p robinsons 2L (this is only a £1 at Morrisons) rest of post seems to suggest ASDA only


its zero, ie alcohol free. so arguably healthier.