NEWSPAPER SUMMARY Wednesday 17th June 2009

NEWSPAPER SUMMARY Wednesday 17th June 2009

Found 17th Jun 2009Made hot 17th Jun 2009
Post made up from posts on MSE of freebies in the newspaper today. (Thanks to all those who posted them individually on MSE).

Feel free to add any other offers you see in the papes !

Weekday newspaper pricing details:

Star 20p / Sun 30p / Express 40p / Mirror 45p / Mail 50p
Guardian 90p / Times 90p / Telegraph 90p / Independent £1

Daily Express

Page 16 Coupon for 20p off Tomorrows Daily Express

Page 37 Coupon for Free Box off 40 Essential Waitrose Original
Blend Tea Bags, valid at waitrose until 21/6

Page 38 Coupon for 2 Meals from the Bar Classics Menu for £10
at Vintage Inns valid to 11/7, for more details of offer and nearest
bar go to

Scottish Sun
Voucher to get a free baguette worth £2.60 from baguette express,valid today only

Scottish Daily Star
15p moc off todays Daily Express


Good feature this, I suspect it's better on weekend offers.


Good feature this......

It is indeed - thanks Lucerysmum. H&R. :thumbsup:

Voucher on page 12 of today's Guardian for £5 off a £25 itunes gift card at WHSmith.
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