Newtification News free @ Google Play (Was £5.49)

Newtification News free @ Google Play (Was £5.49)

Found 8th Jan

Newtification News is the best way to keep up to date with news from your country and around the world!

With our real-time news notifications you will always be informed.

• MAIN COUNTRIES : We search for news in over 40,000 online newspapers from 80 different countries;

• GLOBAL SEARCH : Look for news in newspapers around the world;

• NEWS BY INTEREST : News is sent based on your interests according to the countries, categories and keywords you define;

• NOTIFICATIONS : You will be notified when we find news that matches your default preferences;

• READ LATER : You can set it to "read later" for any news received by notification or listed on App;

• REAL-TIME : In addition to monitoring the main portals, we also look for news on local sites in cities that usually publish before the big portals, so information will always arrive earlier to you;

• SHARING : You can share the news through social networks and communication applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc...

• KEYWORD FILTER : Create a list of keywords that will be used as filters for new news notifications;

• SITE BLOCKER : Block the sites you don't want to see in the list and in the notifications;

• CATEGORIES : News is separated by categories in each country:

Games : News about main Games & Consoles of the moment, such as: Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, PS4, lottery, crossword, skyrim, powerball, ...

Business : Business news, new products, job vacancies, competitions, ...

Astronomy : News about astronomy, space, planets, stars, meteorites, gravitational waves, ...

Financial Markets : Banks, Investments, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, stocks, exchange, insurance...

Politics : Events on the political scene, government, parliaments, city halls;

Entertainment : Movies, travel, music, songs, fun, novels, reality shows, ...

Health : News about foods, diets, drugs, diseases, weather...

Country : Main events of the country, unemployment, taxes, laws ...

Sports : Football, Soccer, NBA, F1 and all other sports and championships;

Technology : All about smartphones, applications, apps, tablets, notebooks, operating systems, networks and relevant facts about Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc ...

World : Featured news in the world;

Highlights : Main subjects, such as: Donald Trump, North Korea, Hurricanes ...
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Really good app , been using it for several months , doesn't bombard you with loads of useless stuff . Highly recommend . Heat Added
Great app, but beware is destroys battery life. Had to remove it in the end.
I prefer Reddit. If Bot thinks it’s newsworthy, it’ll post it.... somewhere
If it's anything like MSN or Sony news it'll be the usual PC pigswill and full to overflowing with false news and NOT reporting er....inconvenient facts.
You know. Like BBC. Guardian etc
Reviews seems too good good.
Ignorance is bless.. rather stay happy and don't read the news
humadoon35 m ago

Ignorance is bless.. rather stay happy and don't read the news

remember that thought if you find out your partner is cheating on you, and all your friends knew already.
Lots of news but Too many ads
B1T18 m ago

Lots of news but Too many ads

Yeah the first 8 or so reviews on the google play store say exactly the same and yet this is a paid for app - don't think so
This serves up ads.
Well that got uninstalled again almost instantly.
Its a free but add supported app
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