NewU Fitness First Yoga & Pilates with Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus Game £49.97 @ Asda

NewU Fitness First Yoga & Pilates with Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus Game £49.97 @ Asda

Found 26th Dec 2010
The image seems to show the official board, but it does not say anywhere on the offer whether it is or not, below is what it says about it.

NewU Fitness First Mind Body combines Yoga and Pilates, together with breathing and relaxation techniques. You will get back in control of your life from a physical and psychological point of will feel better. It works for women and men. It helps with anger, stress, physical pain, insomnia, high blood pressure and countless other 21st century issues.

Simply more: 117 standard exercises, 4 core skills exercises, 1 breathing exercise, 4 meditation poses. Real trainers and real videos plus extended audio commentary. We had full compatibility with Wii Balance Board. Now we support Wii Motion Plus for a perfect movement tracking.

Meditation - Learn how to breath correctly - a skill needed for both yoga and pilates.
Core skills - learn the key principles required by any kind of pilates exercise.
Challanges - training programs that will test you to the limit, approach them carefully!
If you're an expert, you can build a custom flow choosing single exercises. More customisation, more views, more variety.

Wii Fit Plus
Take your fitness training to a new level or jump into the Wii Fit experience for the first time with the revamped Wii Fit Plus for Wii. Expanding on the experience of the original, Wii Fit Plus includes all the features of the multi-million selling Wii Fit, but adds in new ways to work out, have fun and become more health conscious. Step on the Wii Balance Board and continue your journey along the path to a healthier lifestyle with Wii Fit Plus!


can anyone find any info anywhere if this comes with the official board? I can't find anything!

Anyone ? is it an official board?

Just got one from Asda and on the the box picture of the board looks different than picture advertised on the site (look like original).
Actual board is branded as BLAZE and has blue elements on all 4 sides. Works without problems and looks OK, but I don't think it is original Wii Fit board (haven't seen original so can't guarantee).
According to manual it will work fine up to 135kg and I have tested kids weight (~20kg) and my (>100 kg ) and everything was OK.

As I got 2 decent activities and board works great (even if someone sais it is not "original") I'm happy

my board that came in this package looks like this :…tml

Hope that it helps.

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