NEXT - 2 day sale
NEXT - 2 day sale

NEXT - 2 day sale

Just been to my local next in durham and the 2 day sale is on, not that much but i did manage to get some doctor who tops for my 6 yr old and tops for my 1yr old.
Searched to see if this has already been posted but not sure xx


yes - doesn;t seem to be as much as usual. I got a couple of things in my basket but decided it wasn't worth the bother. Maybe better instores.


Maybe better instores.

No its not! Nothing that I wanted.

it was already posted people were expecting it for two months already and last week was poted again with sale preview thread

Very poor online sale. Doesn't make me want to go to the store either to see if the offers are any better as I'm sure it's the stuff they have been trying to get rid off in the last few sales!

There was a time when the mere mention of the NEXT sale was enough to disrupt all yours plans for the weekend but not anymore :viking:

Just been to a store. Its not great. In fact its poor!
Don't waste your time!

Agreed. I just got back from the local store. Not very busy. I didn't find anything that I thought was really cheap. Disappointing overall.

yep load of rubbish

I only bought a top and pair of work trousers instore. As for online, I managed to place an order yesterday morning and was really pleased when some of my items arrived tonight. That pleasure was short lived as not one but two of my items received were not what I ordered. I phoned CS to inform them and they were apologetic but the items that I should've received cannot be reordered as they are out of stock!! Really annoyed as the coat I wanted was one of items I won't now receive. I've informed CS that I'll be ringing later on in the week to see if there have been any returns for the items I want and if so I'll be expecting to get them at half price - after all it was their error.:x:x

Just needed to vent my anger - rant over!

Usual rubbish
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