Next Clearance in Oxford - Cargo Shorts for only £2 - bikinis for £3

Next Clearance in Oxford - Cargo Shorts for only £2 - bikinis for £3

Found 20th Jul 2008
Went into town yesterday and in next clearance in the westgate centre there are loads of cargo style shorts for only £2 - got a pair thinking they would look rubbish on but would do for dossing on the beach and when I tried them on they look great!! There are black, stone and blue ones - run down there today and grab a load!
Bikini tops in there are only £3 - got a lovely underwired halterneck one - there are matching bottoms and tankinis if you browse the rails!
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why i voted cold:

yes u gotta a good deal...but tbh... its the next sale..what ur posting is nothing out of the ordinary....
well they seem more expensive online so thought i would share so that others can grab em!
when is the proper next clearance sale,when they reduce all the trousers etc to £2?
the next clearance stores are having a sale now - thats where i picked these up - they aren't in the normal next stores - not v many bargains to be had in the normal stores!
if next clearance having a sale means at least 2 seasons out of date then
Why is this cold? The sales in the next clearance shops are legendary where everything is reduced to a fixed price (all t-shirts £3 etc)
yep, probably are 2 seasons out of date, but things like t-shirts etc don't really go out of fashion do they?!!
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