Next Code for A/W catalogue only

Next Code for A/W catalogue only

Found 29th Mar 2007
Credit for this goes to CODEBREAKER at MSE.

Sale items from the Autumn/Winter catalogue can now be had by changing the code from X39 to GC6. Have just tried this and it works. Still waiting for the code for Spring/Summer.

Sorry if someone has beaten me to this already.


great post - but i can't seem to work it out.
Can you help me.
Tried go to the next web page and it takes me to the home page - tried putting the code into the promotional code on the checkout page and nothing happened.
Where am I going wrong:-(

[SIZE=2]find an item you like, replace the end of the item number from x39 to gc6[/SIZE]

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You need to log into your account and go to quickshop. Then when you type in the code of the item you want, you replace the last 3 digits (X39) with GC6. When you add the item to the basket and pick the size you want, you should the get it at the sale price

Wish We Could See What We Are Buying Like In The Last Sale.

It doesn't show the sale price in my basket....

Me Too.

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Are you ordering from the autumn/winter catalogue only?


Are you ordering from the autumn/winter catalogue only?

Spring Summer X39

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Just gone back onthe site to have a look. Somethings I ordered earlier are now showing back at normal price, however some things are still going through at the sale price

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Sorry it should have been X38 Autumn/winter catalogue, X39 is spring/summer. Can a mod edit this for me please

Are the sale items shown here?

Is there a link to the old catologue as I have stupidly thrown it....

not working for me on the spring summer collection and i had my fill from the autumn/winter!

out of desperation/excitement i''ve just tried codes GC0 to GC10 but doesn't recognise any of them apart from GC6 and its still showing as full price (item is from the sale list) :x

Cheers. Just put my order in. Waiting for the Summer bits to work now.

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It won't work with X39 stuff. I don't think anyone will have that code until the first VIP slots tomorrow morning around 5am

yippee -

Thanks alot - what with that and the free deliver code of L9005 - got a real bargain.

CAnt wait for the X39 code now:thumbsup:

I've just had my VIP slot (6am, everything still in stock(!) and I ordered £600 worth of clothes for my family) and no other code is coming up apart from X39 at the end of everything I am afraid.

However, I just went back into the normal site and logged in there and it looks like GM9 has started working!

Aparently no-one else is having any luck though so mayeb it worked out that I had had my vip slot.

when i put in my order through quikshop the full price is coming up but underneath in red it is saying sale price

shall i just go ahead with the order and hope that invoice gives me sale price????????

not working this is the code i tried

shows item but at full price, any ideas?

Your best bet is probably to give them a call, and use the sale code at the end of each item. Use trial and error with the different catalogues and codes, and see what you can get.

Also you can completly disregard the VIP time slots, if you phone up they will still take your order.

codes don't work for me - NEXT have probably worked out what everybody has been up to with previous sales codes

:santa: :whistling: :w00t:
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