Next Sale

Next Sale

Found 10th Dec 2006
Just registered on this awesome website. So technically this makes my first submission, so apologies if I am wrong or something. But it seems like there has been a HIDDEN sale going on for a while on Next and I couldn't find any link to this on HUKD. The interesting thing is you can find the link by typing 'sale' on next website and it directs you directly to the sale page.
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Thanks Titanium and welcome here

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You're welcome.

But I wonder why the 'Go to Deal' link doesn't work! The address is [url][/url].

Yes it is strange that the next sale site has been available since the Autumn sale began even though it disappeared from their home page. (it normally closes a couple of weeks after the shops finish their sale so I guess they still have stock to get rid of!!) The sale site then usually reappears a week or so before the next, Next sale in preperation.

What we are really waiting for is the January Sales

Still, remember to search for the free delivery codes if something does catch your eye [FONT=Times New Roman] [/FONT]

Is this not the page for the sale that starts after Xmas? In other words are the prices going to be different or cheaper?

Does anybody know when items bought from here are delivered? Is that after Xmas then?


its all that is left from the last sale that has still not sold, and does not contain items that will be in the December sale....
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