NEXT Sale - Now Online : Most items 1/2 price or less !

NEXT Sale - Now Online : Most items 1/2 price or less !

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Medallion Embroidery [COLOR=red]Additional Housewife[/COLOR] Pillowcase

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is this just the scab ends that are left.


is this just the scab ends that are left.

:lol::giggle: That made me chuckle but yes it is basically PMSL

This deal will be fine for those who like walking around in crazy psychedelic shirts. It was the bargain bucket on Boxing day god only knows whats left now. Might be ok for letting the dog lie on.

There's a 12000 BTU air conditioner listed for half price at 135 quid. Any good do we think?

Well they closed the Leeds Clearance store which was bigger than the normal one in the city centre. Boo

Oh well, took the plunge. Seems a reasonable price after doing a bit of googling.

Hopefully it'll keep me cool in the summer!

I looked this morning, there's actually a lot of stuff restocked... a few dresses I wanted that were previously out of stock are back on there now etc.

I am completely shocked as to how hot this deal has been rated. Probably one of the worst "sales" I have ever viewed online.

As far as I know Next sale has been online since the beginning of this month and by now must be pretty near the bottom of the barrel.

as people say though, as people send things back theyget put back into stock

pants pants pants


pants pants pants

Where I need some new ones no one got me any at Xmas :cry:


thanks, some more new lines have been added
great stuff

Checked this two weeks ago, there was indeed absolutely nothing at all left- I couldn't find anything in my size. I've now managed to spend £200 in the sale, so they've certainly added more stock.

Heat added.

edi you have made my day. Got my son a suit jacket for a wedding for £15 - I didn't want to pay £40 in the shop. THANK YOU!:-D

Noticed that I am tracked through this link. What percentage are HUKD getting for sales..?

good found. Just bought three formal shirts for 20 quid! :thumbsup:
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