Next VIP Registration now OPEN

Next VIP Registration now OPEN

Found 19th Dec 2007
Hi Guys,

Looks like the Next VIP slots are now being sent out - Booked mine for Saturday @ 18:00

Go to…ale This takes you to a login page...

Login, then you should get a page that lets you chose the slot you want.

I guess it if your not a selected as a VIP, you won't get the page to let you book a slot.

Once you have booked a slot you can view the sale listing -…st/

Good Luck!
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Brilliant!! Thanks for this.:)

I'm a newbie and find the site brilliant.

After logging in a registration page didn't come up but after I went in and out of the 'My account' option 2 oe 3 times and clicked the tab on right hand side for VIP sale it did let me register. (Booked for 18:30 Saturday.)

Hope this helps.
tryed logging in, but nothing about the vip sale !!! went in and out of my account on top of website but no luck!!! well dissapointed:x
Nice one, bagged a 6.00pm slot too! - that is if there's anything left by then!
For others, you need to login then go to my account and you'll see a 'VIP invite' icon on the right hand side once logged in (if you've received a VIP invite that is!)
Where's that directory now....
how do i get a vip invite? i have never used this vip sale. if some body point us to exact links and procedure. What if i have no login for next? :?
Many thanksworked a treat
Me too. Booked for Saturday
Thanks very much. Have registered for Saturday evening, now all I have to do is remember to log on!!
Great find, ta.
How do you get VIP invites?
guys how do i get registered for vip sale as i do not have any login of this NEXT website?:? please guide :oops:
Sim your officially a star:-D:-D:-D
It wont work for hoo. I'm gutted. Just had a quick look and theres loads of homewares stuff that I want reduced in the sale
Just typical, I am away on saturday and theres loads of stuff I have been waiting to buy in the sale. I hope there is some left on sunday!
No invite for me either, no link after login.

Seems they've got wise this year and will use a more secure system once the VIP sale is underway.

Let's hope that some clever person can come up with a way of bypassing it!
There are some for sunday and monday

If you log onto your account there should hopefully be a VIP SALE tab just about sign out.

Does this slot actually allow you to buy or just browse
can you phone and book a slot what do u say:)
Thanks OP. Slot booked for Saturday Evening.
I've always been sent a vip email for the past 2 or 3 years & yet I can't find a link for it. I wonder if theyre doing them in batches or something.
Booked my slot - 6pm on saturday, strangely enough!

Made my shopping list too in the hope that someone finds the "code" before then!! ;-)
dammit, can't find my account number
I was unable to find the VIP bit in my account. But from looking on here and on MSE, nearly all of your bookings are for 6pm and 6.30pm...strange.
Not strange really, there are a big list of slots but most people are choosing the earliest ones possible. For me it was 18:30 Saturday.

I was unable to find the VIP bit in my account. But from looking on here … I was unable to find the VIP bit in my account. But from looking on here and on MSE, nearly all of your bookings are for 6pm and 6.30pm...strange.

That is because this is the first slot option. Hence this will fill up first and others later on:p
I didn't want a slot anyway :-(

That is because this is the first slot option. Hence this will fill up … That is because this is the first slot option. Hence this will fill up first and others later on:p

Awww, i see :oops:
So when can no "VIP" members buy stuff in the sale??
When does the sale start?
No joy for me, once I log in it just takes me right to the vip preview page

ach well, hopefully next time
No Luck
Can someone please put their VIP code link on here so that we can use it to book a slot. I have a Next customer number but my account number isn't registered for the VIP sale. Thanks :santa:
I think its a ****ing cheek that we are treated differently. What are we second class customers.Just on the phone to Next to close my account as a protest. Debenhams or John Lewis don't treat me like a second class shopper. Actually I have just been given a priority slot because I caused such a fuss. I refused it out of principle.

PLus I am still writing to complain to Head Office.

Imagine if they chose at random people in the queue at the stores to shop first.
got a slot under my wifes account (who was sent a VIP invite last year) but not mine (which wasnt).

Incidentally, the email confirming the slot says there are no passwords to access it this year - you just log into your account at the correct time.

I am guessing this means there will be no way for uninvited people to gain access like last year...
Nice one OP :thumbsup:

Nearly hard a heart attack trying to type so fast when I read it. Kids only get new clothes twice a year in this house:-D

Booked mine for 18:00
I've had a one over the last two to three years but not this year, probably as i complained last time but truthfully im pleased!

Last year in my opinion was a farce. I booked my vip slot and went to log in at that time but the sites went down. I phoned my order in and was assured it would go through as sale prices... i rang the day after and subsequently over three days as they couldnt find my order on the system. Then most things arrived but at least two months later i was still getting things arriving.. The customer service due to my lost order was rubbish.

Also, next charge you a fee for items that are delayed.

Usually the code is worked out and posted on MSE (sometimes before vip slots start) so keep an eye out there for anyone who wants to get in early.
Eventually will us plebs be able to but any leftovers that are left after the VIP's have bought their stuff?
I am confused, any idea when the sale will be on-line??
How can I register on the Next website?'re a star!
"It's the most wonderful time of the year".....:santa:
I have registered for my slot, but not received a confirmatiom email.

Anyone got one? I did notice that you no longer need passwords, you just have to log on at the chosen time so maybe no emails?
Thanks, just booked mine for 1800 on Saturday
Meh, no link here on my mums account. And the amount she spends there is unbelievable!
Cool I got an invite thanks OP
:)good call, worked for me, voted hot!
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