Nextbase 402G Dashcam £99.99 (Amazon Lightning Deal)

Nextbase 402G Dashcam £99.99 (Amazon Lightning Deal)

Found 26th Nov 2014
Nextbase InCarCam 402G Professional Car DVR Video Recorder Dashcam
According to camelcamel this is the cheapest it's ever been. Still £140 in Halfords.

Lots of good reviews on Amazon, plus it's a current Which? magazine Best Buy Dashcam. Swiftcover also offer 12.5% car insurance discount for Nextbase dashcam users.

There are some cheaper decent cams that can be used on a dash e.g. Mobius, but the Nextbase is higher spec than most. It has a screen for framing/playback, 1080p 30fps, glass lens, GPS logging and motion/crash sensors to automatically protect footage in an accident. The mount is also included.

Be quick if you want one though, it's a lighting deal finishing at midday.

Edit: They've extended the deal for a couple more hours.
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Id be tempted at about £85 but for now I use my phone, it works well.
Phones are great in some situations, particularly recording events e.g. track days, off-roading. However they don't normally have a wide field of view, useful to capture unpredictable traffic more to the sides e.g. emerging from junctions, people jumping lights, cyclists. This one has 140 degree FoV and IMO one would want at least 120 degree minimum. Also for me at least, locating my phone for dashcam use would make it inconveniently placed for satnav/phone duties. Horses for courses I guess.

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This is a good dashcam, I bought it from halfrauds about a year ago for £150. It has some negative points but the video quality is good, you can read numberplates from the footage. The battery life is bad, after one year it lasts about 5 seconds, but it is meant to be plugged in all the time anyway.
Bought one!
If, hypothetically, you had an accident which was your fault. Are you legally obliged to show the dash cam evidence?
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