Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam, 8gb Go Pack, hard wired kit & fitting - £129 @ Halfords

Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam, 8gb Go Pack, hard wired kit & fitting - £129 @ Halfords

Found 20th Dec 2016
Picked up the Nextbase 412GW & the hard wired kit today from Halfords (Cortonwood) and the salesgirl asked if I wanted the go pack with 8gb card as it entitles you to free dash cam fitting. Obviously I said yes.

Hopefully of some use to someone.

412GW £99
Go Pack £15
H/W Kit £20
Fitting £30

After scanning her coupon book it came out at £129
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I was going to buy this but found out it's touch screen and decided it might be a bit awkward to operate whilst driving,such as pressing to save recordings.

Ended up going for the 312gw

How are you finding it OP ?
I have the 412gw as rear dash cam as its so visible it makes those pesky tailgaters drop back! and I have the 512 as front dash cam
Grabbed a 212 for the missus for £79 fitted with a go pack, seems like Halfords are going in with Nextbase at the mo!
Doesn't get fitted until Thursday, they had a backlog due to price drops. Had a quick play and the recordings look very good.
It's a good cam but the touch buttons are truly awful. Why on earth would you?!?!
The touch screen controls are OK, it is my first dash cam so i have no prior model to gauge them against. There is no need to use them in the car as everything is automatic once you have it setup to your liking.
I heard Halfords had quiet a lot complains about hard wiring the dashcams.Many costumers had after fitting some electrical problems with their vehicles.:(

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