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Nextbase 512GW and Rear camera package - halfords
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Nextbase 512GW and Rear camera package - halfords

Posted 13th Aug 2018Edited by:"boydent999"
You all know about the dash cam and probably too about the new rear facing camera optional extra.

I rung my local Halfords, asked for a discount since I was buying 2 x 512GW, 2 x Rear dash and 2 x fitting, to be fitted in two separate cars, total cost circa £500 all in. I was offered 10% off which thought was reasonable enough,

Gone into store today to book and pay and was told of the half price offer on the rear view camera, so all in for what I wanted, I have paid today in-store £402 with two separate appointment times, one for each car.

I'm happy with that, I know it's not a £20 dash cam but the deal here is for the 512GW and rear half price camera.

Not sure if this price could be beaten, not sure if one's local halfords are willing to match the discount I have received but for £173.50 (plus optional £50 fitting for both) I think it's a good deal........

Edit: seems Halfords have price matched other places.
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How much is the rear camera alone?

Can you still record in 4k on the front when the rear is fitted?
Edited by: "Jace_Phoenix" 13th Aug 2018
£50, not fitted
boydent9992 m ago

£50, not fitted

Is it not cheaper to buy the Nextbase Duo with front and back camera built in, I bought the Duo 1080 version brand new off EBay for £149.00.
I looked at that option but the duo only has a horizontal swivel access (cue Carry On style gags lol) so you'd have to very carefully and precisely mount the camera at the front of the car and hope for an unobscured rear view also.
I preferred the more discreet size of the rear camera of this package but again, experience, time will tell etc.

As for the 4k comment, again, I don't know is the honest answer
Edited by: "boydent999" 13th Aug 2018
One thing I didn't know of until reading the finer detail is this
The rear cam footage Picture in Picture (PiP) mode on your 512GW or full screen, to be used as a reversing camera
How easy is it to install these things? Wouldn't mind one but as I lease cars every two years, I don't think I want to go through the expense of installing them each time.
Jace_Phoenix1 h, 52 m ago

How much is the rear camera alone?Can you still record in 4k on the front …How much is the rear camera alone?Can you still record in 4k on the front when the rear is fitted?

This isn't 4k! Its a bit better than full HD 1440p
Try fitting them see how easy its is. Not to hard when you have plenty of time on your hands. Front camera's are easier rear can be a pain depending on if it's fitted outside or not.
I had it fitted yesterday.
No thanks, I really don't like fitting stuff like that.
The gent who fitted it at Halfords has done a really neat and tidy job but he explained the rear camera was a pain.
He's fitted the cabling through the wiring loom to the rear washwipe in my car but he explained it was a very tight fit but to keep the job neat, wires hidden, it was difficult. If someone who does this type of task often explains it's difficult, I'd sooner not bother damaging the car, camera or me lol.
Out of the box, it did need a firmware update, took 10 minutes and then back into the car.
Tweaked some of the settings and all's good, it has picture in picture showing the view forward in the majority of the screen and the rear in the right corner, option to have that to the left or not at all is available.

Bit confused though, not gonna lie. Despite it being hard wired, the parking mode relies on an internal battery.
The parking mode records movement around the car whilst the ignition is off and according to the various forums, records in 2 minute sections, giving 15 x 2 minute incidents. That's not ideal in my eyes. I thought it'd use the car's battery for this but that aside, it does work well and as I hoped
Edited by: "boydent999" 24th Aug 2018
Looks like the price has dropped now to match other retailers
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