NEXUS 7 32GB + 2yr warranty £199.95 @

NEXUS 7 32GB + 2yr warranty £199.95 @


£172 at very, for new customers

how to get that price?

No discount on technology at Very.

or buy direct from Google.

Why are people voting this cold... This is the going rate gor 32gb BUT with 2 year guarantee.... Where can u get the same deal cheaper... Please let us all know.

2 year warranty makes this HOT. Anyone think otherwise?

Good deal 2 Year warranty. That's John Lewis for you, they keep their customers happy.

These are things becoming obsolete in six months, two years is a joke. Probably you'll be able to use a £20 tesco discount


No discount on technology at Very.

Wrong (possibly)....I ordered the N7 and the order went through (after an email or two) and my account shows £172. Unfortunately Very haven't actually had it in stock yet.

Should really say 1 year extended guarantee cos you get the first 12 month anywhere you buy it.

got mine today.
... and the decisive factor was 2-year warranty.
thanks, man!

am surprised anyone is actually that arsed by another 12 months, its not even an insurance against damage or anything.

I still think its a good deal!
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