Nexus 7 32GB instock @ Dixons Travel £189

Nexus 7 32GB instock @ Dixons Travel £189

Found 11th Dec 2012
Most places seem to be sold out. The missus is going through Gatwick tomorrow so i thought I'd try them, they have them instock @ £189. I asked if they price match to CPW and they say they price match only to John Lewis, PC World and Currys.

Not a great deal but could be useful for someone passing though an airport
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Can't decide how to vote on this, can't see how VAT exempt purchases can be considered a 'deal' haven't voted either way.
Money off is money off. It's not a great deal, more a chance for people to get hold of one as stocks seem to be low

Money off is money off. It's not a great deal, more a chance for people … Money off is money off. It's not a great deal, more a chance for people to get hold of one as stocks seem to be low

Stocks aren't that low at full price though, are they? It's only Carphone warehouse, the ebuyer ebay deal and John lewis that sold out quickly.
Looking to buy one of these in the near future!

Although not going traveling...what's the next best price?

(and will deliver to the Isle of Man - Google Play won't!)

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I wanna know when the Nexus 10 will be in stock!
Thing is if you're traveling intercontinental, you can buy stuff dollar for pound or less.
Dixons travel are real ripoff merchants, given the 20% VAT saving *they* get. They are useful to pass the time, but check the destination for much deals. Even better, check, I heard they are good :-)
If you have synced your American Express with your Xbox 360 on the Amexbox offer ( you get £25 statement credit for £50+ spend on the synced Amex - so that's a bit of an extra saving if it applies to anybody
isn't the retail price £200? making 20% off £180?

isn't the retail price £200? making 20% off £180?

£165.83 is the figure you're after.
Thanks myskepticsight for the heads up on the Amex and Xbox promotion, think you've just given me £25
£189.99 in sainsburys now with a voucher . Saves the flying tax

Thanks myskepticsight for the heads up on the Amex and Xbox promotion, … Thanks myskepticsight for the heads up on the Amex and Xbox promotion, think you've just given me £25

If you want to maximise the amexbox offer, you could get a £50 currys gift voucher from currys/pcworld which will give you £25 statement credit on £50+ spend. Use this gift card toward the purchase at Dixons Travel and the remainder on the synced Amex for the additional £25 credit on £50+ spend at Dixons travel So after a bit of (worthwhile) faffing, you will save an extra £50 on the price here.
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Dixons travel is not VAT free anymore. You cn still claim VAT back on the airport itself.

LOL£165.83 is the figure you're after.

£200 - 20% is £165.83???????

Ok then
So Dixon's will price match with curry's,pc world and John Lewis, so themselves and John Lewis. Honestly why bother, unless you work at an airport or are flying anyway I'd go with the deal from sainsburys, even working at one I think I'd still rather get our from sainsburys. But I won't vote it cold for this
£166.67 in fact would be the ex vat amount of something costing £200 inc vat.
You don't take 20% off to work out the vat as vat is added on to the net amount.
Eg 20% off £100 is £80 but if you add 20% to £80 it isn't £100.
Dixons stores are still out there? I learned something new HIGH FIVE!
I'm tempted to vote hot on this just for people's maths! Though I definitely agree with everett_psycho, bit cheeky of Dixon's to advertise a price match when they only price match with themselves and John Lewis (which isn't exactly bargain basement)
I very nearly did this, but cancelled my reservation when CPW had them for £10 less. Airport Duty Free shops are a bit of a con really. It should be closer to £160, not more than CPW!
Guys, airport 'duty free' shops haven't been VAT exempt for years.

The shops apply a discount over their high street equivalent, but this is nothing more than a reduced price on the part of the retailer.

£200 - 20% is £165.83???????Ok then

LOL ... he still doesn't get it !! ..... I take it maths wasn't your strongest subject (god help you if it was)
Price after tax divided by 1.2 = Price before tax
There's a reason why they changed there name to Dixons Travel From Dixons tax free buddy. Go work it out, I never once said this deal was tax free
Oops got my maths wrong there but you understood what I meant....

Anyway got mine at £175 from CPW so am happy

£200 - 20% is £165.83???????Ok then


Try again, you finally might get it this time. X)
I have found that Dixons Travel prices are comparable to prices, or in some cases a little more. I would rather support a High Street Retailer, then Amazon, before a poor / non-competitive Dixons Travel price.
I was aware that the Tax free aspect was removed many years ago.

£200 - 20% is £165.83???????Ok then

£165.83 +VAT (20%) = £199 (RRP of Nexus 7)

I can help you understand, I can't understand it for you.
myskepticsight you are my hero!!!

You just netted me a fortune mate. £35 for doing nothing. Finally unlocking achievements are worth something! Plus £25 off a £50 spend at Topman and Currys, plus £10 back on a £10 spend in cineworld! You bleeding legend!
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Dixons Travel prices include VAT - usually they are a bit lower than High Street - so worth thinking about if you are travelling. They offered about 15% discount on the Ipod I bought a couple of years ago; but I think that was 5 months after the release date, and it was £10 cheaper than nearest High Street competitor.

isn't the retail price £200? making 20% off £180?

Or perhaps £160 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x +((x * 20)/100) = 199
(2x/10) = (199-x)

Thinking of getting a Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab 2. Would I be able to watch live sports streams ie "" and "" on it? What about Putlocker and Sockshare? As this is what I plan to mostly use it for.
The Nexus 7 32 GB is in stock today £199 at JL Reading while JL online says OOS.
So possibly other JL branches too.
2 year g'tee.
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