Nexus 7 Asus Travel Case 80p @ Poundland

Nexus 7 Asus Travel Case 80p @ Poundland

Found 12th Jul 2016
Orange/red covers for asus nexus 7 (2013) at poundland (Hounslow high street)


80p... at poundland?

about what there worth. worse case I've ever put on a phone or tablet.

Do these have the on/off magnet?

what's the catch here. how is it 80p?

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I have no idea why it's 80p, the packaging was a bit battered but the cases were fine. And no, there's no magnetic switch on them.

I've got one on my Nexus 7 right now, bought it cheap online. been putting up with it but it's pretty crap tbh. doesn't turn it on/off and flips open if you drop the tablet

Bought one of these in the Comet closing down sale. Absolute steal at this price.
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