NEXUS 9 Magic Cover £10.39 Delivered @ expansys

NEXUS 9 Magic Cover £10.39 Delivered @ expansys

Found 25th Jan 2016
Nexus 9 official magic cover for less that a fiver delivered.

Colours include Black, Mint Indigo and Lime Stone

Not a bad price considering Google Play charge £35!
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Sorry just realised price increases with delivery charge can someone amend!
Very cheap, but I prefer cases that protect the tablet. Hot for those it suits though!
Actually £5.99 and cheaper with free delivery via Rakuten…ic/
I know they get mixed reviews but they're good value under £10. Have it over the screen when not in use, folds round to the back when using it, and the folding stand part works fine for me.
£100 minimum order for free delivery on rakuten
nice find, thanks ordered one for me and my son, have some heat
Cheers ordered

Actually £5.99 and cheaper with free delivery via … Actually £5.99 and cheaper with free delivery via Rakuten

its over £11.39 with shipping (shipping is only free for orders over £100). there website is very sneaky about this by first stating the shipping is free.
Cheers OP - one of those rare occasions that I've bought something seen on HUKD that I actually needed!
I just want to say that this cover is rubbish, got one and I regret buying one.
Works fine for me, i remember reading some saying the magnets were not strong enough to form the stand, but that it had been resolved on newer versions of the nexus 9.

Actually £5.99 and cheaper with free delivery via … Actually £5.99 and cheaper with free delivery via Rakuten

Actually that's incorrect. Delivery is not free for less than £100 spend. Final price inc del is £11.39
I've only just picked one of these up - for about £12 from an ebay seller. My views:

If you're the kind of person who likes fairly high percentage protection of your device - you dont want marks or scratches on the back or side and are extremely protective of the glass - then don't go near this thing.

If you like the idea of naked, light, as-the-makers-intended device and you try to have minimal protection on your phones and tablets but also like the idea of having a kind-of-reliable standing mechanism close to hand then give this a shot i reckon.

i hate bulky cases that increase the size/weight of things by much - i always dump them after i realise i enjoyed the device more before i had the case. so i really like this case but the magnets aren't strong enough imo - mine is from nov 2014
These aren't the best in my opinion, they can easily fall off when in use, I find. As a cover, they are really good, but somewhat lacking as a stand. Great price though!
no value at any price. thing is next to useless as both a stand and a cover.
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