NFL Game Pass (Off Season) £29.99 @ Gamepass NFL

NFL Game Pass (Off Season) £29.99 @ Gamepass NFL

Found 3rd Feb 2014
With the Superbowl over with, might be worth a subscription to ease you into the new season.

For the £29.99 you get all this:
Full replays of every 2013 Preseason, Regular Season, and Playoff game,
24/7 NFL Network live
Any 2009-2012 games through the entire Offseason.
Access 30 Dec 2013 through 31 Jul 2014.

6 months access to all the NFL has to offer, and if you create an american account on xbox one, and download the NFL app it will still work with your UK account.

I'm seriously considering it. Just investigating the ipad app. If that's any good then my arm is well and truly twisted.

Hope this gets some heat.
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Get this every year worth every penny heat from me
I get the regular season pass and that's worth every penny

The off season not so much for me

Maybe save your money for start of new season
That's a good package Imo.

Sundays Superbowl was an awesome game. Fantastic win by the underdogs Seattle :-)
I'm not sure you could call the Seahawks the underdogs but an amazing performance by them
Just subscribed as the iPad app looks the part. It offered me the subscription for $39.99 which worked out as £24.50. Brucie Bonus!!!!!
Explain how to get this with uk x box one ... A USA live membership with uk nfl or uk x box live with USA nfl ..

If the first would this involve an extra x box live gold

Please explain this
If you open an xbox gamertag and just say your from america you get access to all of the usa apps (hulu, nfl, ufc espn).
You download them all, and install them. Then switch back to your UK gamertag and they are all still on your xbox. Sadly the NFL app doesn't seem to show gamepass, and just has loads of 5 minute long clips from NFL TV so was pretty rubbish. Gamepass on the ipad though is great. Condensed matches NFLTV live and re-runs of Redzone. Well worth £24 for 5 months.
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