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Posted 27 September 2022

NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered PS4 £3.49 @ Playstation Store

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Great price for the game!

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Feel the thrill of the chase and the rush of escape in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered on PlayStation4.

Unleash a savage sense of speed both as an outlaw and a cop in the world's hottest high-performance cars. Outsmart the heat or take down lawbreakers with the tactical weaponry at your disposal in a heart-pumping, socially competitive racing experience.

Updated with enhanced visuals, cross-platform multiplayer – including the asynchronous competition powered by Autolog – plus all additional main DLC, this is the ultimate edition of Criterion Games’ critically acclaimed Need for Speed debut. It’s time to reignite the pursuit.

EXOTIC CARS WITH WEAPONS – Drive the world’s most desirable supercars on both sides of the law. Bust suspects in supercharged cop interceptors enhanced with tactical weaponry, or level the playing field with counterattacks and defensive manoeuvres as an elite racer. Strategize to gain an edge over the competition, no matter what side you’re on!

CHASE AND ESCAPE – A deep and fully-defined single-player career delivers the action of both cops and racers, with a seamlessly linked multiplayer experience across all race modes. Take on friends or play through the career solo to earn Bounty and unlock new cars, weapons, and equipment.

ENHANCED VISUALS – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered delivers a timeless racing experience updated for today’s generation of hardware with enhanced visuals.

  • Publisher: EA Games
  • Developer: Stellar Entertainment
  • Number of Players: Single Player (8 Player Online)
  • Genre: Arcade, Racing
  • Release Date: 6th Nov 2020
  • Voice: English, French (France), German, Italian, Spanish
  • Screen Languages: Dutch, English, French (France), German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish
  • PEGI Rating: 7
  • Metacritic Reviews: 75%

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  1. Avatar
    Does this get a free PS5 upgrade I can't remember now
    Yeah 4k 60fps 👌
  2. Avatar
    Praying for underground 2 to be remastered
  3. Avatar
  4. Avatar
    Cracking game loved original and remaster looks incredible on ps4 pro
  5. Avatar
    This was game was ahead of its time. Absolutely enjoyed playing it.
    ahead of it's time? It was Burnout with liscenced vehicles!?
  6. Avatar
    Cracking price this! Think I'll purchase it soon, thanks OP.
  7. Avatar
    Worth getting this even though I have Heat via PS+?

    Must admit I'm not enjoying heat mainly because of the handling via steering wheel.

    Edit: Hot Pursuit looks to be one of the highest rated NFS games. Guess that seals the deal. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Is they any Need for Speed game as good as the Original Most Wanted?
  9. Avatar
    Loved this game years gone buy. Is HEAT anything like it? That’s a freebie this month
  10. Avatar
    Nowhere near as good as the original the rubber banding AI ruins the game. Very disappointed
  11. Avatar
    What happened to these sorts of Need For Speed games, in my opinion, when Rivals released the series went downhill.
    When Ghost starting making them they ruined the handling and they've not felt the same since, the NFS reboot, Payback and Heat would be far better games if they had the handling of the older games
  12. Avatar
    Most Wanted was the bees knees, so good!...