NHL 17 PS4 from Grainger Games - £32.99

NHL 17 PS4 from Grainger Games - £32.99

Found 8th Dec 2016
Son asked for this and looking at £40+ everywhere..........until I found this.
If someone finds it cheaper I'll be surprised.
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nice price for NHL 17, prices are always higher on the physicals for these
Hot from me. I just wish they'd do a Fifa and include leagues from different countries. Would love the British teams in there.
It was 27.49 on Amazon UK a week ago. I bought it. This is a decent price though.
I'm gonna wait for the sales on the psn after xmas again like last year, think it was 27dec or maybe 1st week jan, sale and i got for £25 on the us psn, as these are usually not worth much trade in value when the new ones come out
Used £24.99 on Xbox and ps4
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