NHS Smokefree kit

NHS Smokefree kit

Found 25th Jan 2014
Free Quit Kit
Full of useful information, a calendar, helpful tips and practical tools, all designed to help keep you on track and stick with your decision to become smokefree.

I read it includes Squeeze Me stress toy
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I got one of these 2 years ago when I decided to quit after 35 years. They are a load of rubbish and a waste of public money if you ask me. I enjoyed smoking (now hate it) but decided to quit as yes it is unhealthy but it was just costing too much money. I worked out that for every packet of fags I was giving just short of £5 to the government in tax. Going through a packet a day that's an additional £1,825.00 a year to the taxman in addition to all the other taxes we pay. Enough is enough. 2 years on I am happy in the fact that the government is now £3,600.00 worse off since I have stopped. The wife has stopped too and we are just 2 out of quite a few of my friends and family who have given up also. It's no wonder the country is in such a mess..........we are all giving up smoking, drinking and driving less in our cars.

How did I give up........E cigarettes. Tried most and stuck with VIP
Smart guy ! Good for you! I smoked 16 years in total ( 1 pack of cigarettes per day) and stopped 6 years ago, with only will power in 1st attempt. I got this nhs quitting pack it's a rubbish full of papers useless!
2 years next week and no going back. No smelly car, no smelly clothes. White ceilings in the house (although only smoked in utility). No ashtray breath.

Sorry to all you smokers out there but there is one thing for certain if you smoke. You will smell. Your clothes will smell. Your hair will smell. If you smoke around your kids, they will smell too.That's the worst bit.

Even though i don't smoke i ordered these just because they're FREE! What a load if crap all you get is a small calendar and some leaflets. BOO HOO
Well done to you too maggieaggle and anyone who has given up this very very addictive habit.
Not in Scotland
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