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NHS Workers can receive a free "Tall" drink of their choice (7th December Only) @ Starbucks Coffee

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Good offer valid tomorrow at Starbucks for NHS workers only

"Available all day, NHS staff can order any handcrafted Tall beverage of their choice from Starbucks stores across the UK when they show their work identity card in store. Beverages available include festive favourites and espresso-based classics to iced beverages."

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    Yeah, I'm not falling for that again - queue up for ever, order your drink, present your NHS pass, and "Sorry I'm not aware of this offer..."
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    I wonder if this will actually work in hospital branches.
    A lot of them are concessions run by your catering provider where normal offers don't apply. I know that the Costa in my hospital doesn't do Costa offers.
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    I am sure they pay all the taxes they are legally obliged to.
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    What about other Blue Light Card holders????
    Firemen had a free burger a while ago, I don’t remember the NHS peeps asking where their burger was. I prefer to appreciate this gesture, rather than criticise it doesn’t go far enough.
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    Never been to starbucks once
    Thanks for the info Mr D
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    Do Starbucks charge more on NHS sites than elsewhere, like M&S and WHSmith etc do?
    You forgot Costalot Coffee
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    Just for clarification, contrary to what most people think 'tall' is actually small... Been caught out before
    Good point! Tall is the smallest 'standard' size they do (by that I mean excluding espresso etc).
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    I'll have a 7 foot Cappuccino (edited)
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    Granted this won’t solve the truly dire scenes we’re dealing with at the moment in work, but it’ll certainly add a very brief period of joy during what is likely to be a challenging shift for me and my colleagues. Thanks for sharing OP!
    If they paid their fair share of taxes, it would go a lot further than a 10p per drink token gesture.

    Hell if I could avoid the percentage of taxation they avoid, I'd be happy to buy you a full price Costa or Starbucks no problem

    By using these sorts of companies, you condone their tax evasion tactics, which I'm sure I'm sure you actually and genuinely deplore. But in the name of convenience, that goes out of the window.
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    Do they get a clap with their drink? Would be nice to continue the tradition by giving them a nice big round of applause when they collect their drink.
    Seem to be a lot of cynical responses on here for people who are underpaid and overworked and are being offered something by for free. As far as I'm aware the NHS staff didn't ask for the free drink or the clapping nor the sarcasm.
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    The free coffee isnt even from HMG. They fobbed the frontline workers off with applsuse and crap PPE
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    Just been refused in my local. They state ‘they haven’t received any emails from management’ and it’s ‘participating stores only’.

    This only makes Starbucks look worse.
    that's not true, it says ALL UK stores clearly (edited)
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    Seems to be a fair number of denials for this offer going by comments. It’s not an offer if it isn’t offered by all stores without having to be shown the offer by the customer, hate it when this happens.
    I agree, it's embarrassing for people who are legitimately trying to get the drink. I don't mind being embarrassed, plus I knew the queue would be short by the time I got to the store
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    May I just say what a wonderful offer this is because apparently anything less than praise is not possible.
    I'm sure constructive criticism would be fine. The NHS can't continue to provide the quality of service which people expect when they're living longer and various new but expensive ways of extending life are possible.
    Staff meanwhile for any company would mostly just expect to enter a career where they don't get the a equivalent of a pay cut every year whilst their workload increases but working conditions worsen?
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    the store didn't know. I showed them the website, then they dug through their messages and found the offer , I was the first to ask today.

    I used my 12 year old Starbucks cup I bought for a £1

    48947634_1.jpg (edited)
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    48948968-GkMJu.jpgNo drama this time, cheers for the heads up OP
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    48949686-JZfv8.jpgGot mine no issues I am in uniform
    Not a tall one as promised on their website though..
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    I’m not NHS & this doesn’t apply to me. Just came to say I went to Starbucks at Norwich Riverside around 8am yesterday morning before a train to London and I was refused service for an Earl Grey tea as they didn’t have any hot water. Six people greeted me ready to serve that information though (edited)
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    Mrs will be happy
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    They didn’t know what to do at the till at mine but just gave us drinks 
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    My daughter tried our local this morning and staff hadn't heard of the offer. Quite disappointing. Will be interested to see how others get on.
    Just show them the photo it’s even on the Starbucks website complain on Twitter 
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    Starbucks at reading station said they only do filter coffee. Not any beverage as it says on the media campaign. Who else had a bad or non-experience???
    Filter coffee is evil 
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    Just got mine free through the drive through great freebie thanks!
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    not worth the embarrassment tbh......
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    redeemed in Belfast, might be back for another...
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    Worked in Starbucks wimbledon. Sipping on my eggnog latte on train into work now. Thanks OP 🙌🏻
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    Heh I remember when Costa coffee machines were giving out a free coffee for a day. The local petrol station just switched theirs off and said it was broken.

    Starbucks might say yes, but I wonder if those refusing or pretending to be ignorant might not want the hassle of claiming everything back from head office especially if they’re concessions/outlets or however Starbucks franchising can work. They probs won’t get anything extras/upsells, just people walking in with a dozen ID badges to get their department free coffees for their shift and leaving so maybe they don’t care?

    And no I’m not jealous my partner is doing this today for a free egg nog coffee!
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    Just grabbed mine (Antrim, NI) on way home from night shift. No issues. Worked on drive thru. Just mentioned it on ordering and showed badge at till. She barely looked at it and happily waived the price. Much appreciated gesture
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    This is why I don't bother with these offers, you spend half the time trying to prove the offer actually exists to the staff working there.
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    "McDonalds half the price and tastes way better"

    Flak jacket on and replies turned off
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    Include strike days?
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    What they don't get paid enough for 37.5 hrs.
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    Oh Starbucks - the only place in the world where size"Tall" is the smallest size they do...
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    This Starbucks way of apologising to NHS staff for not getting a pay rise, due to their not paying corporation taxes
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    No, given experiences in the 70's and last decade
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    How is this redeemed? BLC, show of staff pass or just based on trust
    Says in the description
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    Thanks for sharing, heat added
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