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Free colouring book & educational comic for kids from East of England Ambulance Service
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Free colouring book & educational comic for kids from East of England Ambulance Service
Great idea to teach kids when and when not to use the emergency ambulance service in the form of a free colouring book. Who knows, might save somebody’s life one day.
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Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott Free Concert for Frontline NHS Staff - 2 Tickets @ Motorpoint Arena Nottingham - Tues 13th October 2020
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Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
A message from Paul… https://www.facebook.com/pg/paulheatonofficial/posts/ “The Coronavirus pandemic should remind everyone, and let no-one forget, that our National Health Ser… Read more

The comments in this thread demonstrate why we can't have nice things.


I'm not going but Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deboarah, Annabel too have said they are.


That’s just them as a duo not the beautiful south. Which is why I said they were the lead singers when the beautiful south had their most success


Still successful - had UK number 1 album a couple of weeks back: https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-chart/20200313/7502/ :)


Phew.... at last something that's been cancelled that's a really good idea, let's hope this happens year on year..........

Free Disney pack from Change4life
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Posted 25th Jul 2019Posted 25th Jul 2019
Free Disney pack from Change4life
Register to receive a free 10 Minute Shake Up games pack

Legend12345: WALES NOT GOOD ENOUGH CHEER'S But then they do get free prescriptions. That amounted to about £185 per person in 2017.


That’s devolution for you




Only available in England apparently



Free EHIC European Health Card. Currently Extended till October 31st 2019!
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Posted 23rd Jun 2019Posted 23rd Jun 2019
Free EHIC European Health Card. Currently Extended till October 31st 2019!
Just a quick reminder that we're all still entitled to an EHIC health card which helps with medical assistance when travelling in the EU I know this has been posted a few times, b… Read more
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My last did... And so did the other 3 for my family .... They sit in my travel wallet most of the time. What are planning on doing with them?? (excited)


Just spent two weeks in Spanish hospital after an accident, they would not accept the EHIC card and my travel insurance insisted that they would I had multiple injuries and was badgered from day one to pay for my treatment an extremely unpleasant situation left after two weeks still with a broken wrist and feet


The only thing I would say is that the plastic it's been printed on is very flimsy. Not credit card quality for sure... I know we're meant to be environmental etc but I don't see it lasting the 5 years


I've lost mine. :-( So I reckon this is pretty much the best time for me to hook me up a replacement instead, like?. :-)


I got mine today. Apparently its good until June 2024

Stay Fit With Active10 App - Free @ NHS
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Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Stay Fit With Active10 App - Free @ NHS
Staying fit and healthy shouldn't be a matter of choice, rather a state of mind :) The Active10 App From NHS is a nice little companion to help you in this quest. Description … Read more
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If they have the free time. And don’t have to go to work, then yes, they could.


The parents could accompany their children on that 10 minute walk to school....


No smart phone, so i will just have to stay unfit :)


No problem. I'm at work so couldn't use the link for ios and just searched for it on my phone.


Ouch you are right, my bad on the app name there - fixed now. Thanks for spotting. By the way the links to download the app are also in the description.

Donate Blood/ Register As A Blood Stem Donor - Give The Gift Of Life To Someone
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Posted 1st Jun 2019Posted 1st Jun 2019
Donate Blood/ Register As A Blood Stem Donor - Give The Gift Of Life To Someone
I am aware this has been posted in the past, but I am reposting it again in the hope that it spurs folks on to donate blood, especially as the blood banks always run low on stock c… Read more
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Have u complained higher up? I book a slot and never have to wait more than 10 mins. Went last week and was in and gone after 25 mins. The only way the place you go will improve if the people running it I told. Also these days there are a lot of places locally that take donations. They can't all be bad, even where you are.


Nice one! Genuinely made me feel awesome that you made it! So many others have been taken by tragedy. I donate for all sorts of reasons, but hearing your story makes it all worthwhile. Stay amazing and make the rest of your years count!!


Well said. I see the same comments each time this is posted. Thanks for explanation.


To be fair NHSBT are not discriminating against gay men. Gay men can and do give blood. The question is have you had sex with another man in the last 3 months. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is morally fair i.e. if you are someone who doesn't sleep around then is it fair you should have to give up sex for 3 months? No it's not fair, but the reason this question and many others (e.g. have you been abroad to certain countries, have you had a cold, have you slept with a prostitue, have you had a tattoo etc.) are asked is because collecting and processing blood is an expensive process and the questions are designed to screen out the higher risks as assesed by NHSBT and Public Health England (not my assessment) before going through the process of collecting, transporting, storing, testing. It's a screening technique just like insurance: Are all males under 21 idiotic drivers? No, but if you fall into this gategory you will likely pay higher car insurance. Are all people aged over 60 less healthy than those under 60? No, but your travel insurance is likely to cost more. Or if you apply for a job with a CV - techniques are used to reduce the number of applicants down based on certain criteria which do not fully represent the candidate. I do think all these types of assessments should be fairer and take individuals' circumstances into account but they don't and sadly that's the way it is. Kudos to everyone who wants to donate but who is not allowed for whatever reason(s).


Donated for the first time earlier this year and have my second appointment upcoming. Had results from the first which states I'm one of the rare types so will def keep it up. I hate needles and thought I would feel really light headed afterwards too but felt nothing both physically and illness wise. Do it, and whilst you're eating your free biscuits get on your phone and book the next one, repeat, repeat!

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FREE 20-minute online Suicide Prevention training.
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Posted 30th May 2019Posted 30th May 2019
FREE 20-minute online Suicide Prevention training.
A new campaign aims to encourage people to talk about suicide, so no one sees it as a solution to their problems. And you can help others by taking the free 20-minute online Suici… Read more
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Indeed this is crucial content to read and share. And I am very sorry for your loss, Jonesy.


Comment deleted




Heat added op great post , more of us that dare to admit , have been in a bad situation at some time in their life , or are in one , keep smiling x Kindest regards ........


This is an excellent post. It doesnt matter if it's not a deal as long as its generating awareness. My inbox is open to anyone that ever wants to have a chat. You people are all amazing and everyone plays a part in making this world go round.

NHS Backed - Lose Weight For Summer (Safely & Free) - Free Diet Plan
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Posted 13th May 2019Posted 13th May 2019
NHS Backed - Lose Weight For Summer (Safely & Free) - Free Diet Plan
Free diet plan backed by NHS and the British Dietetic Association. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-weight/start-the-nhs-weight-loss-plan/ Is this plan for me?This guide … Read more

Heat for the pictures


Easiest way to lose weight, input less calories than you burn /use up


Having flashbacks to the exam i've just taken. BMI is good for general idea of population health, but does not look at fat distribution or muscle mass, you can have a healthy BMI but be at risk of disease. Waist/hip (Men less than 0.9, women less than 0.8) or waist to hight is seen as a better measurement, looking at gynoid and android fat distribution. Most gyms with have a machine using bioelectrical impedance if you want better idea of body fat and muscle measurements, hydration can effect results. There are far too many factors to go into why people are overweight/obese, it may be simple for some but others not so much. I wouldn't take any advice to cut out a macronutrient, but its easy to find studies arguing different percentages work better. In the end its about finding something that you can do long term, i was dicussing with a lecturer if yo-yoing between overweight/obese and healthy weight may be doing more damage than just staying overweight, but its not something ive explored myself.


What you haven't noticed is a one crucial thing. those who have qualifications on the subject try to educate those self proclaimed nutrition experts so that they don't mislead average people. There is shed load of evidence showing that fad diets lead to eating disorders and many other health issues...


And that statement makes you and arrogant... P....

Opt-In & Not Out - Donate Organs (Pretty Please!) To Save Lives
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Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Opt-In & Not Out - Donate Organs (Pretty Please!) To Save Lives
Over 6000 people across the country are waiting for the right organ to be transplanted, which could in many cases be life saving. Over 400 die every year due to the lack of the… Read more
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A very dear friend in his 60s had a heart transplant 13 years ago, and he and his wife were receptive to meeting the donor's family (who initiated the contact). It was a beautiful, powerful meeting: for those grieving, to 'hear' their son's heart beating in another man's chest, and for my friends to shower the donor's family with their gratitude. Much hugs and healing all around. Another friend, in his 30's, had a double lung transplant last year. Just astonishing what medicine can do now. I'm always glad when reminders like this pop up in the Freebies feed here.


I do not trust the Government at all on this one. In 2009 they pledged to ban private patients from buyng up donated organs. More likely the more orgas donated the more they will sell. My son underwent a painful bone marrow donation last year to save a childs life. As a family we would support donation but not the concept of presumed consent. Far better to encourage people to make an informed choice including the fact their organs may be sold to a wealthy foreign patient.


Whilst I am not discounting the possibility of some wrong doings here (clearly not my area of expertise) but we also have some rudimentary stats on the number of transplants and lives saved https://nhsbtdbe.blob.core.windows.net/umbraco-assets/1343/annual_stats.pdf - surely that counts for something as well?


For anyone still linked to this thread I strongly urge people not to even consider donating organs until the following scandal is addressed .It is something I always suspected. Excerpt from an article by Sophie Borland in the Daily Mail, If anyone can tell me otherwise I might just reconsider.:- "Foreign private patients pay tens of thousands of pounds for livers donated to the NHSKing's College NHS Foundation Trust carried out 19 operations in 2 yearsIt is believed the trust has been paid around £1m for the operationsThe organs have been given to fee paying non EU patients There are currently 550 NHS patients awaiting a life saving transplant"


And how are we to be informed of this opt-out option? I bet that won't be advertised widely.

Free NHS eye tests and optical vouchers (If You Fit The Wide Criteria Below) Great Service
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Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Free NHS eye tests and optical vouchers (If You Fit The Wide Criteria Below) Great Service
Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I've just discovered this for my 63 year old mum that she can get an eye test for free from the NHS as she is over 60, so I didn't know if … Read more

i dont think there is any need for that


Excellent, genuinely pleased :)


Heat added my workplace just sent me the voucher and contribution for the glasses. I forgot to check mine since 2013 bit lazy and completely forgot to get my DSE being assessed.


Should’ve known by now if you work hard you’re shafted


Labour voter right here

Gluten free food at your GP on prescription £0.00
Posted 27th Mar 2019Posted 27th Mar 2019LocalLocal
Gluten free food at your GP on prescription £0.00
If you are diagnosed coeliac, Crohn's etc you get all of your special dietary requirements on prescription via your GP, potentially saving you a stack of cash on expensive gluten-f… Read more
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Most areas that continue to prescribe gluten free foods only do so for bread and flours. A GF loaf is 3 times the cost of a regular loaf and approximately half the size (area) and you only get 13 slices. If you're on a low income, this is a huge benefit.


Maybe cooking sessions on educating coeliacs who have never cooked or have no skill to might be a better option? Like a food conference for a day teavh the basics Would be cheaper than giving them the food


I watched a documentary and apparently lots of foods are gluten free even though they sell a gluten free version in a special Section!! So its worth checking both before purchase,


I agree with this. I tend to eat a modified diet as opposed to trying to replace food with gluten with highly processed imitations that have questionable nutritional benefit. I have adapted my diet by cooking largely from scratch and avoiding processed food.


I’m a diagnosed coeliac, but with a good change in diet, making more from scratch and ditching the large amount of bread I consumed per week, I spend less than 10 a week on specialist ‘free from’ foods, and what I do buy often feeds my family of 5 to save me making 2 different versions. Our NHS is so overstretched already without people having things they can cope without. We’re far from ‘well off’ but I can afford to buy my own food. Plus I have previously heard that the prescription was limited to one loaf and some cereal per week (that may or may not be true- didn’t look into it personally). It’s just not worth the hassle of going to the drs for the prescription then waiting in the chemists for it- that’d be half an hour wasted! I can see that this has its place for those who really cannot afford to fund a special diet, but I doubt the Drs are just going to prescribe for everyone.

Free condoms near you. NHS services offering free condom by post and in person
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Posted 10th Mar 2019Posted 10th Mar 2019
Free condoms near you. NHS services offering free condom by post and in person
Link for everyone Find your nearest local nhs service for condoms and sexual health services https://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/Free%20condoms/LocationSearch/732 Different area’… Read more
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This post is a bit different from the last post which was under 25’s. For this post I have highlighted some services that offer free condoms by post, as well as where those over 25 can access condoms too I actually don’t see the issue with another post for free condoms as clearly it is important people can access them. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/news/health/young-adults-in-uk-are-diagnosed-with-an-sti-every-four-minutes-a3971051.html%3famp STI rates in the UK: Young adults are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection every four minutes PHE) said there were 144,000 cases of chlamydia or gonorrhoea diagnosed among people aged 15 to 24 last year - the equivalent of almost 400 a day. That’s only one static for young people.


Why? Haven't you run out from the last time? They do have a best before date.


How many times do we need this posted? Was done so 3 and 4 months previously


(strong) Blur


Girls who are boys Who like boys to be girls Who do boys like they're girls Who do girls like they're boys... ...and live in Hull

Home screening kit - Bowel cancer screening @ NHS
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Posted 4th Mar 2019Posted 4th Mar 2019
Home screening kit - Bowel cancer screening @ NHS
The bowel cancer screening test for people aged 60 or over is a kit you use at home. This is used to check for tiny amounts of blood in your poo. It doesn't diagnose bowel cancer,… Read more


No no no. Turkey was not 'offered to join the EU' (that doesn't make sense..). Turkey wants to join the EU. They applied in 1987 and their application was recognised in 1999. Negotiations started in 2005. The 'offer' that was made in 2016 was to accelerate talks as part of the refugee deal. However, talks have stalled, the EU is extremely critical of Turkey and we have a Veto anyway. Turkey will not join the EU until it reforms. Telling someone to shut up because they havent worn a uniform. How is that for democracy? I see what kind of world you believe in. Typical brexiter. When someone raises their opinion online and you dont agree you accuse them of hiding behind a screen. I would say exactly the same to your face but don't tell me...I wouldn't dare say that to your face. Why is that tough man? Its not a case of loving the EU. I am british. But you mindless bunch of poorly educated fools are being dragged off a cliff and taking the rest of us with you. You dont realise is that all Brexit will achieve is damage to our economy. There will of course be winners. We know who they are. They argued before the referendum that a 52:48 remain win would be unfinished business. They suggested that a 2nd referendum would a good idea after a negotiation of a deal. They argued that a democracy fails to be a democracy if we can't change our mind. The will of the people may have change since the advisory referendum. Too scared to find out?


Snore... Boring and wrong...... One word... DEMOCRACY... Because without that we have nothing...... And I might add the EU are nothing but the crap on my shoe... They are a protection racket that takes money, pays half back then bribes politicians with the rest to get the votes they need to power themselves.. Grow up smell the coffee


Actually Turkey was offered to join the EU providing they stemmed the influx of immigrants. That was the deal but after Turkey did that the glorious EU went back on their deal. Have you ever wore a uniform if not shut up. You have no idea you silly little fool. If you love the EU that much leave now and find you better self instead of arguing behind your computer screen like a real man lol. Ps see you at the next rally.... Oh and blame us when the whole country has a civil war. One last thing.... This isn't about whether we stay or leave its about democracy and installing the will of the people. British heritage.


This thread has a cancer of its own, it’s distracting from the original thread which was intended to save lives not threaten them. Bloody Brexit arguments. See https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/home-screening-kit-bowel-cancer-screening-nhs-3191895

Free NHS “Yes I Donate” Products, T-shirt’s, pens, vests, coasters, key rings and more
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Posted 12th Feb 2019Posted 12th Feb 2019
Free NHS “Yes I Donate” Products, T-shirt’s, pens, vests, coasters, key rings and more
Leaflets and stickers also available. Information and products to let people you know you are willing to partake in organ donation. Please do not abuse this service. Only order pr… Read more

There are 6 pages of products


I can only see leaflets on there x


Are the people on saying that they have never had a free pen, mug, t-shirt etc off any charity stall.


Doh! Should have read the description properly. (embarrassed)


I'm confused by all the outrage in these comments. Are products not also for raising awareness about organ donation - which I assume arises from a person wearing the shirt? You seem to all be obsessed with raising money for publicity rather than direct publicity? Is the end goal not simply encouraging organ donation sign up not the fundraising in and of itself. Some of you are writting angry letters to the comapny though, so what did I miss....

The NHS prescription charge goes up to £9 in April. Buy an instant digital £10.40 pm prepayment certificate to save potentially £100s
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Refreshed 7th Apr 2019Refreshed 7th Apr 2019
The NHS prescription charge goes up to £9 in April. Buy an instant digital £10.40 pm prepayment certificate to save potentially £100s
A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) lets you get as many NHS prescriptions as you need for a set price. If you regularly pay prescription charges, a PPC could save you mon… Read more

How long you need to wait to be the certificate ready to buy medicines ?


If you have sayings of 16k you should pay your own prescriptions!!


Hi a link to websites to apply for a HC2 certificate. https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/nhs-low-income-scheme/hc2-certificates-full-help-health-costs


Hi if you are on a low income and have saving below £16,000. You can apple for a HC2 certificate. Which give you free prescription.



NHS Child Health App - A Guide For Parents Or Carers Of Young Children @ The Playstore & App Store
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Posted 11th Feb 2019Posted 11th Feb 2019
NHS Child Health App - A Guide For Parents Or Carers Of Young Children @ The Playstore & App Store
Just heard this on the radio, seems like a decent little app helping with common health conditions for children Between the ages of 0 - 5 Child’s health, an NHS guide for parent… Read more

Was advertised on the radio yesterday, and it's a fairly new app, so I'd guess those two put together comes up with an answer? Or not? :D


An 'NHS' app with only 10k downloads on Google play?! Gotta be a fake! The developer does other unrelated apps too.


Heat for sharing @Mrswitch If it could prevent/help one unfortunate incident, it would be worthwhile. Thank you !


Catch ap is a really good nhs ap too if your area commissions it.


Thanks for sharing :)

Do Something Good Today And Donate Platelets & Donate Sperm - Probably Free Biscuits & Get Paid To Donate Sperm T&C's Apply
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Posted 8th Feb 2019Posted 8th Feb 2019LocalLocal
Do Something Good Today And Donate Platelets & Donate Sperm - Probably Free Biscuits & Get Paid To Donate Sperm T&C's Apply
My donate blood thread has just been removed as a duplicate but find the original here from @miles136 please register for all of these if you can. Thank you (y) Two brilliant s… Read more

bloody hell, never thought about that. I might pee all over there, so I'll pass (skeptical)


Does it have to be your own blood and sperm or can it be someone else's?


I find it so upsetting, as I am adopted I cannot give sperm which I think is unfair, I cannot give blood either because when I was a kid I had human growth hormone which they claim is still in my bloodstream which I don't think is true, its like 30 years ago, how come something like that be still in your blood, anyhow I have tried time & time again going to blood donors center to help and always the answer is "sorry no you cannot give" I cannot give sperm either, so even though I have wanted to help I cannot due to adoption etc, but I can understand it from there point of view in relation to adoption I suppose as I have no real family history of medical conditions, but I am not convinced that the growth hormone I had as a kid is still in my bloodstream


Nofap challenge over! (lol)


does a nurse help during the sperm donation process ? :{

Ollie Helps Poo to Pooland - Free eBook for Kids by the NHS
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Posted 22nd Jan 2019Posted 22nd Jan 2019
Ollie Helps Poo to Pooland - Free eBook for Kids by the NHS
This is a great little story to help your little ones who are potty training. Also available as an interactive app to read with your little ones. Been a massive help for my littl… Read more
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You spelled Poland wrong.


I had a Toffee Crisp earlier


Yeah I know how you feel buddy (lol)




Any good offers on loo roll at the moment?

FREE drink, FREE Biscuits, FREE key ring FREE app, FREE half hour rest
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Refreshed 8th Feb 2019Refreshed 8th Feb 2019
FREE drink, FREE Biscuits, FREE key ring FREE app, FREE half hour rest
All you have to do is give a pint of blood, I have posted this deal some time ago but it now comes with a free app to manage your appointments, choose locations Blood is needed … Read more

Mine too thats why I do my bit trying to get others to give theirs


They won't take my blood and thousands of other willing people's...


please give before you go on holiday


keep trying old bean its worth it


nowhere anywhere close to me within the next two years apparently. Cant be that desperate for donors then

Free Prescriptions for People With Epilepsy
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Posted 7th Jan 2019Posted 7th Jan 2019
Free Prescriptions for People With Epilepsy
Free prescriptions for people with epilepsy These pages are about benefits in the UK. If you are looking for information about benefits in another country, please contact your loc… Read more
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No. I’m pretty sure you can eat slowly and still over eat. I don’t think the speed at which you eat makes much difference.


Oh yes it can as you can over eat and become obese! I'm also talking about type 2 diabetes and not type 1. Just look arond you everday to see what a problem the NHS is going to have to cope with. Some people honestly believe that just keep on taking the pills and not bother about the amont they're eating is okay!


I get my 3 lots (3x28) every 3 months so by two 3 month certificates in just under a year. Saves a lot. Last review though the nurse said that the surgery wanted to phase out 3 month prescriptions in favour of 1 month. I wonder why?


Actually I care about my freind (he was my best man 31 years ago) very much and I'm very worried for his health! As for me it is simply Statins and BP tablets. The point is if everyone paid £1 it'd spread the cost across everyone! If all the fat gits took better care of themselves we wouldnt have this massive problem heading our way. As for eating too fast, of course it makes people fatter. The point is they pver eat before their body tells them they are full. France doesn't have the problem we do because they sit at the table and take their time. Obvious really!


the frown lines on your face must be enormous...were you hit as a child? dont answer that...... your cutting remarks are close to reducing me to tears...