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Free condoms near you. NHS services offering free condom by post and in person
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Link for everyone Find your nearest local nhs service for condoms and sexual health services https://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/Free%20condoms/LocationSearch/732 Different area’… Read more
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This post is a bit different from the last post which was under 25’s. For this post I have highlighted some services that offer free condoms by post, as well as where those over 25 can access condoms too I actually don’t see the issue with another post for free condoms as clearly it is important people can access them. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/news/health/young-adults-in-uk-are-diagnosed-with-an-sti-every-four-minutes-a3971051.html%3famp STI rates in the UK: Young adults are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection every four minutes PHE) said there were 144,000 cases of chlamydia or gonorrhoea diagnosed among people aged 15 to 24 last year - the equivalent of almost 400 a day. That’s only one static for young people.


Why? Haven't you run out from the last time? They do have a best before date.


How many times do we need this posted? Was done so 3 and 4 months previously


(strong) Blur


Girls who are boys Who like boys to be girls Who do boys like they're girls Who do girls like they're boys... ...and live in Hull

Home screening kit - Bowel cancer screening @ NHS
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
The bowel cancer screening test for people aged 60 or over is a kit you use at home. This is used to check for tiny amounts of blood in your poo. It doesn't diagnose bowel cancer,… Read more


No no no. Turkey was not 'offered to join the EU' (that doesn't make sense..). Turkey wants to join the EU. They applied in 1987 and their application was recognised in 1999. Negotiations started in 2005. The 'offer' that was made in 2016 was to accelerate talks as part of the refugee deal. However, talks have stalled, the EU is extremely critical of Turkey and we have a Veto anyway. Turkey will not join the EU until it reforms. Telling someone to shut up because they havent worn a uniform. How is that for democracy? I see what kind of world you believe in. Typical brexiter. When someone raises their opinion online and you dont agree you accuse them of hiding behind a screen. I would say exactly the same to your face but don't tell me...I wouldn't dare say that to your face. Why is that tough man? Its not a case of loving the EU. I am british. But you mindless bunch of poorly educated fools are being dragged off a cliff and taking the rest of us with you. You dont realise is that all Brexit will achieve is damage to our economy. There will of course be winners. We know who they are. They argued before the referendum that a 52:48 remain win would be unfinished business. They suggested that a 2nd referendum would a good idea after a negotiation of a deal. They argued that a democracy fails to be a democracy if we can't change our mind. The will of the people may have change since the advisory referendum. Too scared to find out?


Snore... Boring and wrong...... One word... DEMOCRACY... Because without that we have nothing...... And I might add the EU are nothing but the crap on my shoe... They are a protection racket that takes money, pays half back then bribes politicians with the rest to get the votes they need to power themselves.. Grow up smell the coffee


Actually Turkey was offered to join the EU providing they stemmed the influx of immigrants. That was the deal but after Turkey did that the glorious EU went back on their deal. Have you ever wore a uniform if not shut up. You have no idea you silly little fool. If you love the EU that much leave now and find you better self instead of arguing behind your computer screen like a real man lol. Ps see you at the next rally.... Oh and blame us when the whole country has a civil war. One last thing.... This isn't about whether we stay or leave its about democracy and installing the will of the people. British heritage.


This thread has a cancer of its own, it’s distracting from the original thread which was intended to save lives not threaten them. Bloody Brexit arguments. See https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/home-screening-kit-bowel-cancer-screening-nhs-3191895

Free NHS “Yes I Donate” Products, T-shirt’s, pens, vests, coasters, key rings and more
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Leaflets and stickers also available. Information and products to let people you know you are willing to partake in organ donation. Please do not abuse this service. Only order pr… Read more

There are 6 pages of products


I can only see leaflets on there x


Are the people on saying that they have never had a free pen, mug, t-shirt etc off any charity stall.


Doh! Should have read the description properly. (embarrassed)


I'm confused by all the outrage in these comments. Are products not also for raising awareness about organ donation - which I assume arises from a person wearing the shirt? You seem to all be obsessed with raising money for publicity rather than direct publicity? Is the end goal not simply encouraging organ donation sign up not the fundraising in and of itself. Some of you are writting angry letters to the comapny though, so what did I miss....

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The NHS prescription charge goes up to £9 in April. Buy an instant digital £10.40 pm prepayment certificate to save potentially £100s
Refreshed 7th MarRefreshed 7th Mar
A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) lets you get as many NHS prescriptions as you need for a set price. If you regularly pay prescription charges, a PPC could save you mon… Read more

Parking at ERI & Ninewells (Dundee) were included in a deal created about 10-15 years ago, & the original contract remained after parking was made free at other NHS hospitals There is also a private car park next to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, that has nothing to do with the NHS


Saving page for later reading


Didn’t know that, last renewal was 11 months ago so I guess it’s no card this time .


The wikipedia source is from a TUC blog based on something Gordon Brown said in a speech. As I say for 90+% of the population to be getting free prescriptions unemployment would need to be over 40%, which it isn't.


They don't send cards anymore. You just get an email which you can print out to show to the chemists. You can pay 10 monthly payments of £10.40 via direct debit.

NHS Child Health App - A Guide For Parents Or Carers Of Young Children @ The Playstore & App Store
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Just heard this on the radio, seems like a decent little app helping with common health conditions for children Between the ages of 0 - 5 Child’s health, an NHS guide for parent… Read more

Was advertised on the radio yesterday, and it's a fairly new app, so I'd guess those two put together comes up with an answer? Or not? :D


An 'NHS' app with only 10k downloads on Google play?! Gotta be a fake! The developer does other unrelated apps too.


Heat for sharing @Mrswitch If it could prevent/help one unfortunate incident, it would be worthwhile. Thank you !


Catch ap is a really good nhs ap too if your area commissions it.


Thanks for sharing :)

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Do Something Good Today And Donate Platelets & Donate Sperm - Probably Free Biscuits & Get Paid To Donate Sperm T&C's Apply
LocalLocalFound 8th FebFound 8th Feb
My donate blood thread has just been removed as a duplicate but find the original here from @miles136 please register for all of these if you can. Thank you (y) Two brilliant s… Read more

bloody hell, never thought about that. I might pee all over there, so I'll pass (skeptical)


Does it have to be your own blood and sperm or can it be someone else's?


I find it so upsetting, as I am adopted I cannot give sperm which I think is unfair, I cannot give blood either because when I was a kid I had human growth hormone which they claim is still in my bloodstream which I don't think is true, its like 30 years ago, how come something like that be still in your blood, anyhow I have tried time & time again going to blood donors center to help and always the answer is "sorry no you cannot give" I cannot give sperm either, so even though I have wanted to help I cannot due to adoption etc, but I can understand it from there point of view in relation to adoption I suppose as I have no real family history of medical conditions, but I am not convinced that the growth hormone I had as a kid is still in my bloodstream


Nofap challenge over! (lol)


does a nurse help during the sperm donation process ? :{

Ollie Helps Poo to Pooland - Free eBook for Kids by the NHS
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
This is a great little story to help your little ones who are potty training. Also available as an interactive app to read with your little ones. Been a massive help for my littl… Read more
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You spelled Poland wrong.


I had a Toffee Crisp earlier


Yeah I know how you feel buddy (lol)




Any good offers on loo roll at the moment?

FREE drink, FREE Biscuits, FREE key ring FREE app, FREE half hour rest
Refreshed 8th FebRefreshed 8th Feb
All you have to do is give a pint of blood, I have posted this deal some time ago but it now comes with a free app to manage your appointments, choose locations Blood is needed … Read more
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keep trying old bean its worth it


nowhere anywhere close to me within the next two years apparently. Cant be that desperate for donors then


Unless your gay then nope don't even bother going to try.


Totally agree. I had the same confusion. You hesr the adverts in the radiio for urgent blood donations needed. Check online and see you can’t get an appointment for 3 months. Can’t be that urgent then can it I assumed. But yes now I know the 12-16 week cycle so it a case of grab an appointment and drop into a cycle as you say.


I intended to give blood years ago and never got round to it. Finally started last year and can’t believe I didn’t start earlier. I am literally out out of the house for 1 hour start to finish. Not much of a chore to save lives is it. Im not going to preach each person makes their choice. All I’ll say is it’s so easy and pretty much painless so why not give it a go.

Free Prescriptions for People With Epilepsy
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Free prescriptions for people with epilepsy These pages are about benefits in the UK. If you are looking for information about benefits in another country, please contact your loc… Read more
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No. I’m pretty sure you can eat slowly and still over eat. I don’t think the speed at which you eat makes much difference.


Oh yes it can as you can over eat and become obese! I'm also talking about type 2 diabetes and not type 1. Just look arond you everday to see what a problem the NHS is going to have to cope with. Some people honestly believe that just keep on taking the pills and not bother about the amont they're eating is okay!


I get my 3 lots (3x28) every 3 months so by two 3 month certificates in just under a year. Saves a lot. Last review though the nurse said that the surgery wanted to phase out 3 month prescriptions in favour of 1 month. I wonder why?


Actually I care about my freind (he was my best man 31 years ago) very much and I'm very worried for his health! As for me it is simply Statins and BP tablets. The point is if everyone paid £1 it'd spread the cost across everyone! If all the fat gits took better care of themselves we wouldnt have this massive problem heading our way. As for eating too fast, of course it makes people fatter. The point is they pver eat before their body tells them they are full. France doesn't have the problem we do because they sit at the table and take their time. Obvious really!


the frown lines on your face must be enormous...were you hit as a child? dont answer that...... your cutting remarks are close to reducing me to tears...

Free NHS health check for over 40s. It could save your life
31/12/2019Expires on 31/12/2019LocalLocalFound 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
For people aged 40 plus you are eligible for a free health check. You will be asked about about your lifestyle and family history, measure your height and weight, and take your bl… Read more
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Seen cost of funerals.


An admission of being ‘worthless’!


Saving my life isn't a big enough incentive - I'm here to save money. Cold.


I don't think you quite get me. James Haskell Eng Flanker has about the best physique you could get, his BMI is high. Ok I'm carrying a bit more timber than JH but I have a 51-54 resting heart rate and know I'm relatively probably top 10-15% for my age group. And I get told to lose weight by a noodle armed doc with problem more fat but safe BMI. The mirror is the best judge.

Apply for a free EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) For Those Who Do Not Already Have One!
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
If you're a citizen of the EU, the card entitles you to free or discounted medical treatment when you're in an EU country If you have an accident or become ill while you're on hol… Read more
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#BREXIT <------ You loose it after that !!!!


I wanted to go Swedish. Woah


People do. But id rather pay 20% of a bill in France or spain than the full amount.


If you expect to get anything actually for free then you're out of your mind. Haha


Ha - What a nicely.. written comment ! ! !

FREE CONDOMS! @ NHS multiple locations, BE SAFE this Christmas.
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Hey guys, OK so I thought it was time someone posted the free condom service again, I havnt seen it in over a year and more and more people are contracting STDs at this time of yea… Read more
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My friends grandad just got a new girlfriend he is fat grey haired and 65... there's 6+ billion people in the world dude keep the faith haha


I'm safe I'm fat and 50.


No. They are increasing because of irresponsible individuals


Thanks for the report! (y)


Nice link but only in the south in specific towns not great for us northern folk haha at least the NHS has got us covered.

Free coffee, tea or soft drink plus a snack in return for giving the gift of life
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Free coffee, tea or soft drink plus a snack in return for giving the gift of life
About this time last year, I posted a "deal" like this and it picked up so much support, and, even though it's still hovering about and others have posted similar deals throughout … Read more

This still isn’t a vaginal/ anal sex issue. From the website you quoted “When a woman has vaginal sex with a partner who’s HIV-positive, HIV can enter her body through the mucous membranes that line the vagina and cervix. Most women who get HIV get it from vaginal sex. Men can also get HIV from having vaginal sex with a woman who’s HIV-positive. This is because vaginal fluid and blood can carry HIV. Men get HIV through the opening at the tip of the penis (or urethra); the foreskin if they’re not circumcised; or small cuts, scratches, or open sores anywhere on the penis. See the Prevention Q&As for information on how to lower your risk of getting HIV from vaginal sex.” Vaginal or Anal you are still at risk of catching HIV if you have unprotected sex with a partner with HIV The screener questions are designed to minimise the risk of potential donors having blood born viruses like hiv. They screen out the highest risk groups from the stats they have available, this happens includes gay men as well as anyone paid for sex, IV drug users, people who have had sex is country’s with high rates of HIV. You also have to wait after having a tattoo or piercing in case a dirty potentially contaminated needle was used. Transmission from tattoos is very these days due to proper licensing and proper sterilisation. “It’s possible to get HIV from tattooing or body piercing if the equipment used for these procedures has someone else’s blood in it or if the ink is shared. The risk of getting HIV this way is very low, but the risk increases when the person doing the procedure is unlicensed, because of the potential for unsanitary practices such as sharing needles or ink. If you get a tattoo or a body piercing, be sure that the person doing the procedure is properly licensed and that they use only new or sterilized needles, ink, and other supplies.” People who have had previous transfusions are also not allowed to donate.


I'm giving blood tomorrow, this will be the last time until I have done the marathon in April. Stocks are very low over Christmas so wanted to make sure I kept to my appointment even if it meant taking the day off from work.


No I haven't. Anal sex carries the highest risk of HIV transmission. Non penetrative sex is very low risk. It's the type of sex that should determine the risk, not the people having it. https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/analsex.html


Lol.... Who knows !! Just plain old homophobia I guess.


(skeptical) You’ve totally missed the point here. Anal sex isn’t anymore risky than other types of sex it’s the prevalence of HIV and AIDS is greater in Gay men than other groups. Not all gay men will be having anal sex Other higher risks groups such as people who have had sex abroad in some African countries are excluded from donating too as these countries are known to have a much higher prevalence of HIV and AIDS.

Free quitting advice and tips @ NHS
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Free quitting advice and tips @ NHS
Now there are even more ways to stop smoking than ever. Get your FREE support now! To get you started we’d recommend the Smoking Quit Kit and face–to–face support from your local … Read more

just quoting to point out that i have already quoted you - thus saying "nope" is "not very clever" (??) (in addition to the fact that you did it again.... - "just telling you to have one"....). - why do you think the nhs website suggests e-cigs as a smoking cessation device ? - the link is at the top of the page..... (- but we both know you don't read / are incapable of refrencing information...)


Nope just telling you to have one as youre that uptight. or have a tug on your e-cig that doesnt cause coughing (poo)


(to point out that you are in a NHS smoking cessation thread - telling people to "have ciggys" etc....)


just quoting you for people to see...


Very touchy ain't you? Have a ciggy and relax (y)

Free condoms services  @ NHS
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Free condoms services @ NHS
Enter a location to continue or browse all locations .

I suspect that in many cases they were informing young women, but let's face it, even telling guys they could be obtained free would not change some of them to become regular users. It wasn't everyone that needed to visit the GUM clinic (where I assume some staff would have been more openly promoting them) and it has always been so taboo to discuss that I suppose the NHS would have been expecting a "backlash" from politicians and (some of) the public about the way they were likely to promote sex outside marriage. It was definitely frowned on and even when AIDS with the icebergs ads were on TV, I expect it sent shivers down the back of Mary Whitehouse, because she was concerned about the moral decline in British society.


(lol) (lol)


A Pound?


Abusing the NHS when already short of resources is a little unfair. The cost to the NHS of policing and distributing, far outweighs the cost buying from piundland


I live in a semi and I'm not fat, although I can get a bit noisy in the bedroom department (y)

Giving Blood isn’t scary Please Donate, Free Drink, biscuits as a reward along with a card & keyfob
Refreshed 1st Nov 2018Refreshed 1st Nov 2018
Giving Blood isn’t scary Please Donate, Free Drink, biscuits as a reward along with a card & keyfob
As it’s Halloween tomorrow, I thought it would be good time to post a remind to folks about giving blood. I was really shocked to hear how few young people are donors. Blood.co.u… Read more
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Donated today as a result of this post, not donated in many many years but today was my 4th donation - will register again for 16 weeks time x


Giving blood isn't scary. Working for them is. The bosses treat the staff real badly. So go give blood and be nice to the staff as their employers aren't! (In my first hand experience - now working elsewhere and respected)


They don't want mine apparently :-)


We now have to make our own brew. So instead of sitting down and rehydration we have to read a manual to work out how to make a brew. Then carry it across the room to the table to sit down if there is a chair. I'm disabled so have fun carrying hot drinks, yet no one was available to help. And last time they had no bourbon biscuits arrrrrrr


Last time I gave blood in France I got sandwiches and beer. We really need to up our game.

Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
thought this was worth a post.i as a father remember having to take my children for there jabs.it was unpleasant for them.so the NHS have made it a lot easier for parents and child… Read more
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Hmm, first you attack vaccination in general, now only flu vaccines. British Medical Journal link leads to an article, which is not widely available - it's a paid content. The fragment we can read for free, in no way proves anything you say. My conclusion - there are some reasons to believe that not all flu (let's just focus on this one) vaccines are equally safe and researched enough, but instead of fear-mongering, I'd rather advise checking the ones available from NHS, or in your local pharmacy thoroughly and doing your own research on the particular one. Try focusing more on sites that refer to governmental and scientific institutions and provide links to actual reports, not the ones that do not even link the reports they quote and you will be fine.


I am passing on messages that would concern any parent or patient regarding the Flu Vaccine's harmful effects which have been reported on extensively including in the British Medical Journal. I see that the well-funded Big Pharma/Vaccine Manufacturer's lobby group is out in force. Ignoring all the evidence and pushing vaccines is Big Pharma's job. It is a billion-dollar industry -- big money, big profits. Having worked for the NHS, I am well aware how influential Big Pharma is and can effectively lobby the NHS to do what they want -- despite the dangers. The official NHS line which doctors are 'required' to follow is to give 'Flu Vaccines'. Now there are many doctors who disagree, but are 'required' to follow the official NHS line, otherwise their careers would be curtailed. Especially as the NHS is the biggest health employer in the UK -- few doctors would publicly disagree. It was reported in the reputable British Medical Journal. Link referencing British Medical Journal: https://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com/flu-vaccines-worthless-and-dangerous/ and British Medical Journal Link: https://www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f3037 Yes, the British Medical Journal is an authority. The other sites I quoted above are pointing out the harmful effects. As I already pointed out the evidence of the harmful effects of the flu vaccine is overwhelming. Ultimately, it is down to patient choice, the information that they have and what harm parents and patients will permit on themselves and their children. Be warned that there are 'propaganda' websites whose intentions are to push the pro-vaccine agenda for well-funded vaccine manufacturers. Over and Out....


Here's some background information on the sites provided and who actually runs them Natural News (In short alternative medicine won the 2016 award for false health information) https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/kavinsenapathy/2016/12/23/naturalnonsense-friends-dont-let-friends-read-natural-news/amp/ Mercola (in short Dietary Supplements ordered by the court to stop spreading lies and false information to vulnerable people) https://www.quackwatch.org/11Ind/mercola.html Vaccination Information Network (in short while it may sound like a professional website it's actually imitating a real vaccine information website and to begin with started as a Facebook page that still prompted homeopathy) https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Vaccination_Information_Network There's some evidence on the background of the links provided my advice is go speak to someone who works for the NHS. If you think there big pharma and their all making so much money from scamming healthy people and making them sick how comes the NHS are billions of pounds in defecit and the doctors and nurses work 100s of hours unpaid a year handing over patients for terrible money and unsociable hours?

NHS PRESCRIPTION SAVING £104 12 months or £29.10 3 months - with Prepayment certificate (England Residents mainly)
Found 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
NHS PRESCRIPTION SAVING £104 12 months or £29.10 3 months - with Prepayment certificate (England Residents mainly)
£8.80NHS Deals
This is more of awareness than a deal but it’s great for people who have a short term illness but on high income and have to pay for their prescription which is usual £8.80 per ite… Read more

Dont forget diabetics can get a free card. Also never very well publicised


I can tell you that people are idiots in general and it's good that you can't just go buy medications, it's not that these drugs are cheaper abroad it's because you can't buy them off prescription chances are they're actually cheaper here but not for the consumer, the NHS actually makes money from these prescriptions. As for that care home scenario it wasn't the law preventing you from doing that and if anything if the patient had died chances are you'd of all been in front of a panel at some point explaining why you let them die.


Should be the same for dental as well so that's something Most likely you didn't get an NHS receipt at the time? to be able to get a refund you need to have an NHS receipt form completed by the pharmacy at the time of dispensing which is date stamped and signed by a member of staff with the amount paid for the items dispensed if you don't get that then you won't be able to get a refund, you have 28 days from the date on the receipt to get a refund from any pharmacy and 6 months to claim a refund direct from the NHS Business Authority (you post it off with a claims form) It's also good to know that some pharmacies now have the ability to process a 6 or 12 month PPC in-store if you ask I know this is now the case in LloydsPharmacy although it's fairly new so do expect a little bit of confusuion as they try and work out how to put it through the till ;) Unfortunately parental income can be a factor as well I believe?


Make sure you put in the date that you paid for your medicines as the start date of your ppc. Hope that helps (y)


If you have a pre-pay cert, If you can get an NHS receipt (FP57) from the online pharmacist when you pay for the prescription(s) you should be able to claim the cost back.

Free annual health checks for adults and young people aged 14 or over with a learning disability.
Found 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
Free annual health checks for adults and young people aged 14 or over with a learning disability.
People with a learning disability often have poorer physical and mental health than other people. This does not need to be the case. An annual health check helps you stay well by … Read more

Voted Hot


They are not private ltd companies normally. I can assure you the accounts do not work like that - and yes I DO know. I also know how the income has changed over the years. Anyway it does not matter. The point is for learning disabilities this is a great opportunity to get a health check and health plan with your GP.


More detail here about the LD healthchecks payment https://digital.nhs.uk/services/general-practice-gp-collections/service-information/learning-disabilities-health-check-scheme GPs are incentivised to provide all sorts of care- they get paid for patients being on many pathways (warfarin is another). Yes there are costs to the surgery for doing these things but you do realise that a GP surgery is a private company, so the profit on income ends up in the partners bank accounts?


Went to doctor with a strawberry on my head. Doctor said....you’ll need cream for that. Lol (excited)



NHS Health Check: Free check-up of your overall health
Found 13th Aug 2018Found 13th Aug 2018
NHS Health Check: Free check-up of your overall health
The NHS Health Check is a free check-up of your overall health. It can tell you whether you're at higher risk of getting certain health problems, such as: heart disease diab… Read more

So what about those under the age of 40, do we just have to call our GPs to book a appointment


just had one of these checks.... bp= 150chol= 6 doc suggested i take tablets to lower the chol. i refused as barely over the normal 5. it's true nhs is sponsored by the multi £bn pharmaceutical industry p.s just checked bp= 135 ridiculous i tell ya


NHS adult check can be done by a HCA no GP or nurse required


No medical crackpot is going to apply his leaches to me!


Have to disagree Bud if that was the case the Gov have had 7 years to stream line it and failed i use the NHS alot it's being underfunded year on year and it is being driven into the ground i have noticed a massive difference all privite enity need to get out of it as well love the NHS its sad to see it in its current state and people not standing up for it

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