Memberships & Wallet Top Up Sale e.g. £4.85 for £5 top-up @ ShopTo

Memberships & Wallet Top Up Sale e.g. £4.85 for £5 top-up @ ShopTo

Posted 21st Aug have a nice little deal on network points.....
Fill your boots!!!!
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As Buzz says, already posted I’m afraid! And the description was lazy AF couldn’t be bothered to list all 13 available cards they offer
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At 15p on every £5 spent this is the most expensive way to buy psn credit on the site, it's practically not worth buying the credit as it would cost more in time to check out and enter the codes than the 15p it would save buying a game direct from playstation.

It's like driving to land's end from scotland because petrol there is 15p cheaper per litre. On single card value the £35 card has a more than a £5 saving, which for me personally I would just buy increments of that card and any excess credit i would save for later
Didn't see it was already posted and ye it was lazy it was late when the email landed I just shared it as I take advantage of alot of the deals you all post.
How do I shut a deal down?
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