Nick Drake - A Treasury Hybrid / SACD only £3.27 delivered @ Amazon + Nectar

Nick Drake - A Treasury Hybrid / SACD only £3.27 delivered @ Amazon + Nectar

Found 1st Aug 2010
Album Description
A Treasury is the definitive collection of 16 classic songs by Nick Drake. The Times write "...Drake is one of English music's untouchables: a diffident bard whose three albums from the late 1960s and early 1970s have become a touchstone for any singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar, a grasp of the bucolic and a deceptively genteel.....take on melancholia......the sense of an introvert struggling to articulate hopelessness with dignity and restraint is what, still, makes his music so irreducibly moving."
CD Description
While there was no shortage of Nick Drake collections on the market by 2004, the options for Drake fans with high-end stereo systems and/or SACD players was pretty limited (that is to say non-existent) before the release of A TREASURY. A hybrid disc remastered in Super Audio Surround Sound, it offers 15 cuts from the Drake catalog; considering that he only released three official albums, that's a healthy chunk of the British singer/songwriter's oeuvre.
With unprecedentedly crisp quality, we're given masterfully orchestrated folk-rock ("Hazey Jane II", "Northern Sky"), bleak, strikingly minimalist, haiku-like solo-acoustic pieces ("Pink Moon", "Black Eyed Dog"), and lush, mournfully elegant ballads ("River Man", "Way to Blue"). Throughout, Drake's hushed, breathy voice, nimble Joao Gilberto-meets-John Fahey guitar work, and hauntingly beautiful lyricism shine through, making it clear why this doomed troubadour's slim repertoire has been revisited so many times over the years.



I've never got around to listening to any Nick Drake, despite being a big fan of the late Sandy Denny, Rcihard Thompson, etc. So you prompted me to pop over to Spotify and listen. It's great!!! (apart from Bryter Later which I hated but isn't on this Cd anyway).

Thanks very much!

Being a SACD will this play on a conventional CD player and/or a DVD player?

Original Poster

Yes. SACD player can access the SACD layer and CD/ DVD players will only access the non-SACD stereo layer.
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