Nicky 24pk Toilet roll at Heron £3.99 instore

Nicky 24pk Toilet roll at Heron £3.99 instore

LocalFound 19th May 2017
Great deal toilet roll found in Heron, Northenden, Manchester @ 3.99. I normally visit every week and these were there last week too.
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Obviously a bottom price.
Is it 3 ply?
Heated, great price. The only place I can find Nicky toilet roll near where I live (rural) is Homebargains, but they are either scented or aloe. Do they make an unscented one?

Obviously a bottom price.

Don't stop, you're on a roll.
Good find op, heat added
Never tried this stuff but hear good things.
this is the cheaper 2ply stuff!
economical , one slip of a finger & your in the xxxx

Never tried this stuff but hear good things.

It's the Elite version you want,not this one.
Avoid , its the rubbish 2-ply stuff, not the excelent 3-ply Nicky Elite ( the one that gets all the good reviews )

Farmfoods have the Nicky Elite ( 18 rolls ) at £3.99 or 3 packs for £10 . They also stock Little Duck at 89p for 4 rolls ( which is also a good 3-ply quilted paper )
I will stick with the 3 ply from Home Bargains.
Guess I need to try the elite. Will take a trip to farm foods thanks
Like using cobwebs
I'd like to get this brand to use in my house but my wife complains the aloe/scented stuff they put on it has a similar effect to what mint source shower gel does to 'Happy Flaps' lady:…2As
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