Nicorette Invisible Patch 10MG 7S £6.99 @ Superdrug

Nicorette Invisible Patch 10MG 7S £6.99 @ Superdrug

Found 24th Jan 2012
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Half price at superdrug
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Boots will give u them for free if you ask at the dispensing counter.

Need to have regular check-up by them tho.
I had a non-smoking girl friend that was threatening to leave me. I started sticking these to here whilst she was asleep, then when she left me she had huge nicotine craving which she interpreted as love sickness from me.
Great deal if patches are your thing.
I tried patches and it epically failed - I just used to love having that hit in my lungs.

After much resistance, the doctor bent my arm to make an appointment with the nurse to stop smoking. She wanted to put me on gum/tablets but I told her I didn't want them as I'd forget. Eventually I persuaded her to prescribe me the Nicorette Spray and, good lord, it worked!

Not nice - but then again, any medicine aside from Calpol isn't pleasant.

Four months in and faltered twice when extremely drunk - immediately stubbing out after two drags because the taste repulsed me so much - if patches don't work for you, and you feel a bit of a twonk with a plastic cigarette in your hand, then the spray is pretty effective.
I gave up after reading Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking (£5 delivered Amazon).

Not sure if the book did the trick or whether reading the book was a last resort as I had tried everything else (almost) and it was just the right time. For a fiver though and you can continue to smoke whilst reading it there is not much to lose.

stubar, I got that book but have never read it, maybe I should.

stubar, I got that book but have never read it, maybe I should.

it's easy reading. Like I said, I did give up after reading it, but not sure if this was coincidence with.. thinking what the hell, may as well give the book a try... but I've heard a lot of other people have also managed this way.

the thing that made it easiest for me was realising that the withdrawal symptoms are really non-existent. I got cravings due to habit, but these weaken quite quickly (never disappear completely as with any addiction and there will always be triggers). I thought I would rip peoples heads off due to withdrawal from nicotine, nothing like this. I learned from the book that it is these fears that keep people addicted, something about reading it does help persuade to venture into that unknown.

I did give up drinking at the same time as this is too big a link for me. Oh and I started regular exercise. I'm not a fan of giving things up, more a fan of replacing things
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