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Earn rewards scanning products
Found 22nd Aug 2013Found 22nd Aug 2013
Earn rewards scanning products
Get rewarded for scanning products you buy from shops. Sign up for free with Nielsen's Scanning Panel and you'll be sent a hand-held product scanner free of charge. Then simply sca… Read more

That's what I was going to pick up on. Everybody domains expire, I'm sure he wouldn't say the same when ASDA's domain ends...


i do shopandscan, with foodonthego and petrolpanel, plus upload receipts all for kantar all in last yr i got over £350.00 in amazon vouchers. well worth the few minutes a wk it takes.


I hadn't realised this one was so bad, but can def. recommend the Kantar panel. I get Amazon vouchers every 5-6 weeks or so from there


Wouldn't recommend this - did it for over a year - very tedious and time consuming. Like a previous comment the reward for all this effort was 2 DVDs (my choice from a list of available rewards for points earned). There are also free monthly draws for extra prizes (or at least there were when I did it) but I was never lucky enough to win any of those.


Nielsen is a huge well-respected global company that's been around forever, which would have been obvious from a quick Google.

free shopping scanner via Nielsen Panel
Found 11th Jun 2013Found 11th Jun 2013
free shopping scanner via Nielsen Panel
Join Nielsen UK's Scanning Panel and let your consumer voice be heard! It's all free and easy. Join our Scanning Panel and you will... Receive a hand-held Scanner to scan all your… Read more
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I am already on the Nielsen Panel on my Android and that is really good (made £70 in a year)so gonna sign up for this right now if allowed to do this and the Android. Why all the negativism? Get some heat OP!!


We do this - 5 mins a week to scan the barcodes as we put the groceries away, then connect the dongle to the PC and upload the barcodes - got sent £60 in Next vouchers last year (and the year before) - great Christmas pressies for Nieces and Nephews!


I registered before and didnt get any reponse


I was with them for about a year and it was a total waste of my time. If you forget to scan for even 1 week, you get endless phone call, text and snail mail asking why you not scanned and if it happens again we will reject you. They just pester you so much!


I got a 3ds last month from them but it took over 5yrs of scanning to get enough points for it. It's a lot of work for the rewards you get, depends if you can be bothered. Not voting hot or cold btw. xx

FREE £50 a year in shopping vouchers for Android users joining the Nielson Panel
Found 31st Dec 2012Found 31st Dec 2012
FREE £50 a year in shopping vouchers for Android users joining the Nielson Panel
In short - by joining the Nielson panel and installing a free app on your Android phone (not available for iPhones unfortunately) you can earn points each month which can be exchan… Read more
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i have join, however i cant log in to rewards page. anyone knows what's wrong


Get heat! - This is a great deal - free money go for it I did 6 months ago and making aroun £5 a month.


it would be nice to be able to see the file they create.


This stopped working for me at some point last year so I gave up on it as helpdesk couldn't help and they just stopped issuing my vouchers. Maybe that was specific to my phone/an update though as it worked fine before that. Make sure you keep an eye on the vouchers though in case you have the same problem!


Just been looking in their website and there is mention of a version for iPhone. I'm on my phone at the moment so I can't look properly. Maybe someone can confirm this?

Free £100 Per Year For Android Phone Users!
Found 10th Sep 2012Found 10th Sep 2012
Free £100 Per Year For Android Phone Users!
They use an application to measure the normal activity of your phone. Download the application to your smartphone and use it how you normally do - that's it! The application is und… Read more
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It might also be the reason some other apps dont work properly. I know it fixed my TopCashBack app too.


I had the same problem but they phoned me to fix it and were very helpful. Your phone was trying to upload data to the USA Nielsen data servers. This is because your phone settings come as Language: English (US) by defailt. Go to phone settings and change Language to English (UK) and your app will upload correctly.


i was gutted when this finished on Nokia phones ...... I had 2 running and my Sister had one. Anyone know of one for Blackberry or 1Phone ? Heat added


They want your mobile number of the phone you will install the app on and information on the data you use when you sign up. You may be fine with the data, but not with the phone number. Although it may work in sending them data on apps you use if they can see when you're calling or texting someone and you're not doing that ever (obviously because it's a tablet not a phone) then they may look into it and they could refuse to pay you.


installed this on my s2 could never login and kept getting messages from nielson saying they were recieving no data but couldnt help me fix it so uninstalled , OP should really change title to £50 though dont know where he got £100 ?

Free Money for Shopping & Free Scanner
Found 21st Aug 2012Found 21st Aug 2012
Free Money for Shopping & Free Scanner
Sign up to Nielsen and they'll send you a free product scanner. Use it to scan in your supermarket shop when you get home and they'll give you cash for doing so. A great way to sav… Read more
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its stupid it wont even let me sign up !!!!


try this it might help still shop scan


Thank you Shyner, but how does one get an invite number to register as a panel member on shopandscan site?



Can anyone tell me the link to join Kantar?

Free £50 per year for Android Phone Users
Found 19th Mar 2012Found 19th Mar 2012
Free £50 per year for Android Phone Users
If you own an android mobile phone you can earn £50 in a year for doing nothing at all. Just install the Nielsen application on your android phone and you will earn 500 points (tha… Read more
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Just got an Android phone, was thinking about joining! Is it a simple as installing and just leaving it installed on the phone and getting points?


golemsmate you should have got an email by now and you can log in to both sites rewards and original, so ive now installed it again, says I have 500 points, you need another 500 for an amazon £5 voucher.


Ahhhh cheers, gald it's not just me then!. Just uninstalled the app too.


Ditto, ended up uninstallimh the app because they didn't reply to my emails either


I can't login to their website even though im registered and app working on my phone, anyone else?.

vouchers or rewards free when you register to have your mobile internet usage monitored with Nielsen Mobile - Android
Found 6th Feb 2012Found 6th Feb 2012
vouchers or rewards free when you register to have your mobile internet usage monitored with Nielsen Mobile - Android
register online, then download an app via marketplace for Android. The app monitors your data usage and gives you 'reward points' which they credit each month. I totally forgot ab… Read more

I at least was able to log on through the phone. But I still cannot get on their site. I've gotten on their asses about it and I shall see if they can get me on their site. According to them,you cannot get on the site until you let the app send the data from your phone at least for a couple days ..then you can log on. I'll see. If they give me a solution. I will post it here if they do. I think they are blocking the site on purpose ..hypocrites. They can go on our phones,but we can't go on ther site? Jeeze! I found an alternative to's called MiMobile. Installs great,only one app is needed,and you can actually access THEIR site! Look for it in Google Play or do a search.


Logging into the website seems to be tricky - not helped by there being 2 websites (one for Nokia and one for Android) - make sure you're on the right one. The Android deal seems less generous than Nokia. Nokia pay £10 in High Street vouchers per quarter (plus £10 when you sign up and an extra £10 if you complete a survey when you're invited) which are posted out automatically. The Android deal pays you in Nielsen Points which you have to log in to exchange. It seems to give you 500 points when you sign up and then 500 points per month. There's no strict value on the points but 500 seems to be equal to £2.50 in Amazon or Bonusbond vouchers. I had a problem in the past with phones not being listed so just selected a similar model (of the same make and OS) and it worked fine. However, now I have a problem that my wife's account seems not to have been activated but the number is already registered so she can't sign up. Customer services are on 0800 358 09 49, I'll try them tomorrow


I've registered and it says it is all working BUT I cannot log into the website? Anyone else having issues? It doesn't think a user exists by that name. Also, any other studies which can be joined?


Great deal - I've signed up for it last year with my Nokia 5230. Since passed that phone to my wife (who's now signed up), registered my Nokia X7 and both my kids' Android phones. Loadsamoney!


What phone was it? I got the Nokia N8 from this panel. Been using it ever since. Wouldn't mind a Lumia 800 as the other poster recieved.

Android: Earn rewards for using your phone!
Found 24th Dec 2010Found 24th Dec 2010
Android: Earn rewards for using your phone!
Rewards To thank you for your participation in the Nielsen Android Panel, we have created an exclusive reward system for our members. How does it work? You will start by recei… Read more



still works. I have orange san francisco (aka ZTE Blade) and works fine. Just select HTC Desire as both are same spec!






Google allow you to opt out of usage reports, just because a device is capable of doing something doesn't mean it does or should. This app is pretty much spyware, it's just the user is profiting instead of somebody else. I think I'll go back to my cave and give it a miss! :P

Nokia:  Earn Rewards... just for using your phone!
Found 14th Dec 2009Found 14th Dec 2009
Nokia: Earn Rewards... just for using your phone!
Got the link to this website today and thought I'd add it here. Not sure if anyone has already added this, so I'm sorry in advance if this is the case. I'm not completely certain… Read more
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paying out here :-) on both phones


Still not received anything, I have just fired them an email.


Well I just received my £10 voucher. I am well happy. Rep added to the OP for this. The voucher is from bonusbond so it can be used almost anywhere


I have contacted them and have received a prompt reply stating that the first vouchers will be dispatched soon.