Nier Automata £23.99 @Argos

Nier Automata £23.99 @Argos



Holy Jesus it is hot up in here!
Shopto is £24.85 if you can't get to Argos.
Great price for an awesome game.
So far Argos and tesco are winning Black Friday. Step up Amazon!
Ordered! Thanks! Been waiting for this to come down in price for weeks.
Amazing game, if you’re thinking about it, get it
Lowest price I've seen, I let Amazon know of this lower price so I think they've changed their price now too for those who want it delivered for cheaper than Argos's.
Out of stock. Bugger it
Not as good but it's in stock at 365 games - £28.99 but 20% cashback - so you will receive £5.80 in points.

I had a £2.50 voucher on there so I bought it for £26.49 and with the points back it's not too bad. Also possible 2% quidco for a grand total of 58p.…ame
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why is this game so expensive?
Tequila11 h, 26 m ago

expired..why is this game so expensive?

It's because it's a niche Japanese game. And they don't print many at a time. Eventutaly they will stop printing and they will shoot up in price on ebay.
Yep cause games like this are stunningly good
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