Nier: automata PS4 £24.99 Argos

Nier: automata PS4 £24.99 Argos

Found 8th Feb
Seems to be out of stock in many places but might help someone. I was able to get one in my local Argos.
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Will this game ever drop below 20 quid...madness
No stock anywhere near me
Thankyou. Managed to get one from Ealing (West London).
moneybanks1419 m ago

Will this game ever drop below 20 quid...madness

probably not for a long long time. this is a niche game with limited prints that unexpectedly got super popular. so price will remain level till sony print lot more and flood the market(like most AAA), which probably will not happen
Awesome game, can't reccomend it wnough
Hot hot hot
Nearest stock 143 miles away...shame....
Guess they must've reprinted more discs...
No stock. Hope to play it one day. Only just managed to bag a copy of Persona 5
an other classic Argos "Deal". Sure its £25 but its easier to win the lotto then find it in stock
£31.99 on at the mo which is the cheapest it’s been there for a while
No stock near me 😣
Out of stock at my local, pity.
£26 on shopto in stock for delivery
Tried really hard to get in to this game, but after 3 attempts all of which ended in me giving up after about 3 hours, I just don't think it's for me. Not a bad game, just wasn't interested in the characters or world, and the gameplay didn't excite me.
Def on my radar this one but can hold off for a bit now KNACK has landed
Typical Argos deal, nice price no stock.
Of course no stock in Manchester
Back in stock for collection tomorrow in lots of stores !!
I was just about to post the same thing. Back in stock for collection at my local this week.
Just managed to reserve one locally for myself. Cheers guys!
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