Night At The Museum (DVD) - £5.99 delivered @ !

Night At The Museum (DVD) - £5.99 delivered @ !

Found 5th Sep 2007
Night At The Museum (DVD) Single disc edition - £6.99 delivered @ !

Next cheapest is £10.89 @ Sendit. However, you can also get the 2 DVD special edition for £8.97 @ TheHut or ASDA.

Synopsis : Ben Stiller leads an all-star cast including Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke in this hilarious comedy hit. When good-hearted dreamer Larry Daley (Stiller) is hired as night watchman at the Museum of Natural History, he soon discovers that an ancient curse brings all the exhibits to life after the sun sets. Suddenly, Larry finds himself face-to-face with a frisky T. Rex skeleton, tiny armies of Romans and cowboys and a mischievous monkey who taunts him to the breaking point. But with the help of President Teddy Roosevelt (Williams), Larry may just figure out a way to control the chaos and become a hero in his son's eyes. Boasting jaw-dropping special effects and laugh-out-loud moments, Night At The Museum is your ticket to non-stop fun!


i got it for £12 with borat

Not a very good film. Decent price since it's new though.


Not a very good film. Decent price since it's new though.

1) I doubt if you would know a good film if it hit you in the face!
2) New! I don't think so.
3) Most people would enjoy this film (Unless you are Welsh)

I thought it was quite a good film. Especially for a kids film. Makes a change from the completely animated stuff.

Didnt think it was a very good film and ricky gervais was terrible - worse comedy written for him

Was enjoyable but i think i went along with high hopes which usually leaves me disapointed

Good price for a recent movie... but...


6.5 at IMDB - not a bad score (not great, but fair).…47/

Really enjoyable movie!


6.5 at IMDB - not a bad score (not great, but … 6.5 at IMDB - not a bad score (not great, but fair).

Mr Beans holiday is the same rating as that and its terrible


now 5.99

Original Poster


now 5.99

Thanks for the price update hothothot :thumbsup:


no prob, wow you were quick to reply.

It's more a rental film than a buying film!

And yes, Ricky Gervais was embarassingly awful in this - really a case of getting a movie role 'cos you have made Hollywood friends!:p

Just as CD sales are disappearing fast, DVD sales will vanish unless tat like this is sold for what it's actually worth! I'd pay a quid - two at most:thumbsup:
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