Night of the Living Dead for £1 @ Poundland

Night of the Living Dead for £1 @ Poundland

Found 26th Oct 2009Made hot 26th Oct 2009
Original B&W Film and Colourised Version of the Film on the Disc.

Bought this the other day along with 'Carnival of Souls'.

Brilliant for a quid.


must be coming up halloween, get this lock the doors, turn the lights of, and watch it, (pre prepare by pulling a sickie for the next day as you will not have slept during the dark hours!):w00t:

Or you could just go into any town centre near you on a Saturday night - for free!

Its actually 'They're coming to get you Barbara'…hwA

Interesting fact - and perhaps a cautionary tale for any would be film makers - as to why this is £1. It's a public domain print. Wikipedia explains... '


Night of the Living Dead lapsed into the public domain because the … Night of the Living Dead lapsed into the public domain because the original theatrical distributor, the Walter Reade Organization, neglected to place a copyright indication on the prints. In 1968, United States copyright law required a proper notice for a work to maintain a copyright.[89] Image Ten displayed such a notice on the title frames of the film beneath the original title, Night of the Flesh Eaters. The distributor removed the statement when it changed the title.[90] According to George Romero, Walter Reade "ripped us off".Because of the public domain status, the film is sold on home video by several distributors. As of 2006, the Internet Movie Database lists 23 copies of Night of the Living Dead retailing on DVD and nineteen on VHS.[92] The original film is available to view or download free on Internet sites such as Google Video, Internet Archive and YouTube. As of October 2, 2008, it was the Internet Archive's second most downloaded film, with 515,561 downloads.

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