Nike Air Max Torch VI SI Trainers £45 @ SportsDirect

Nike Air Max Torch VI SI Trainers £45 @ SportsDirect

Found 23rd Jan 2011
Hi, I was desperate to get some trainers yesterday so went to my local retail park and had a look in Sports direct, Scotts and JD sports. Anyway after allot of picking up and examining the quality to price ratio I found these to be the best deal (But there are plenty of awesome deals in sports direct to be honest). They are extremely comfortable, and the quality is excellent, not far off air max 95 levels. And as they are £64.99 elsewhere I think it is a hot deal

Sports direct are also selling the Air Max Torch 6 for £5 more but I couldn't tell the difference other than slight colour style difference. Cheers.
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Thank you Sports Direct employee 7688 your "employee of the month" application has been accepted.
Nah im not. lol, I can see how it looks that way though. I just respect that shop allot.
Im sure a large % of stock they sell is seconds. Anyone else suspect this? Havnt voted either way.
Its stuff that didnt sell from the original retailer I imagine, but not stuff thats been used and returned. So I dont see what the problems is.
these are £41 in Costco if you happen to be a member
Wish I was a costco member. Ive only been once when i was a kid back in 1999 and the hot dogs and free refill drinks amazed me. and those huge washing up powders were the don
I got these…065 in Exeter couple of weeks back as wanted a pair of Nike+ and they are really good £45
These Air Max torch VI are nike plus ready too (unless im very much mistaken), I dont know how it works but there is a nike plus logo on the sole and the box has a nike + diagram on it too.
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