Nike AW77 Hoodie Men's - £16.53 + 11% quidco Free delivery
Nike AW77 Hoodie Men's - £16.53 + 11% quidco Free delivery

Nike AW77 Hoodie Men's - £16.53 + 11% quidco Free delivery

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Not sure why but this hoodie doesn't show up on any of the clearance links and seems hidden away. Only noticed this when I was looking testing out the code for another product.
Thought it would be a good idea to high light this more specifically as people might miss this.

With quidco it works out to be about £14.71, which is pretty decent for a Nike hoodie especially from Nike themselves.

One day only

NOTE: there is a review saying this is more of a dark purple then sky blue.

Sorry should mention discount codes:
SWOOSH - free del
EXTRA40 - 40% off



very nice, thanks. just hope its more blue than purple

Great, ordered thanks.

ordered thanks

link says £27.55

total 16.53 thanks!


link says £27.55

you need to enter the codes EXTRA40 and SWOOSH

thanks didnt realise


you need to enter the codes EXTRA40 and SWOOSH

great price, ordered.

Thanks, ordered.

ordered with quidco, thanks a bunch OP, was looking for a new grey hoodie but i saw this and swooshed in, if you pardon the promo-code-based pun!

Ordered with Quidco! Thanks :-)

Ordered with 11.33% at TCB! Cheers

Love the colour as shown but quite worried that its actually gonna be purple
Hot price though!

Rude not to at that price. Hot. Thanks for posting.

What makes you think it's purple? It couldn't look more blue.

Okay I'm rude.
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Shame the nice colour ones aren't that price.

Applied code for discount but as it took so long to checkout it went past midnight and the voucher is no longer valid

Damn just missed out on it


Just for information in case anyone is going to buy this hoodie. I is a very bright blue, I think more a women's colour than men's. Also the zip is on the wrong side, at least it is on the one I got.

yeh my zip is also on the wrong side. im wirting an email to nike to let them know of this as theyve described it as a mens hoodie. Yet the zip is on the woman's side. disgraceful. I still love it! and it is light blue as the picture shows

Arrived yesterday...really nice quality but as others have said its a girls colour with a girls zip. I could live with the zip but not the colour (more of a turquoise). If it would have fitted my wife she said she would have kept it. Nike do free returns though so its going back.

I think the reason this hoodie was in the sale is because, as we now realise, the item has some irregularities compared too how it should be, e.g zip is on the worng side.

The one I got had a men's side zip but I noticed some odd things such a small button hole on the inside of the pocket, which I initially thought was a tear until I saw the stitching and backing, and also a button fastener near the collar.

Luckily both are on the inside. The hoodie is still awesome and very soft. A keeper !!
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