Nike Men's Vent Pro Base Layer Sleeveless Vest Top - White RRP £24.99 only £2.99 delivered @ Gzoop/Priceminister

Nike Men's Vent Pro Base Layer Sleeveless Vest Top - White RRP £24.99 only £2.99 delivered @ Gzoop/Priceminister

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Available in S,M,L,XL,XXL

Nike Vent Pro Base Layer Sleeveless Vest Top It's no longer just competition, it's combat. Today's athletes are bigger, stronger and colliding at higher speeds than ever before. As a result, serious athletes are adding an essential piece of equipment to their arsenal: Nike Vent Pro Base Layer Sleeveless Vest Top. This tight-fitting baselayer top features a crew-neck, no sleeves and flat seam construction for breathability and mobility while training.


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excellent price...these come up small size wise for info

gr8 price ! thanks

omg i bought this for £6 on discount :O

they ok to order from?


they ok to order from?

Yep & this is a steal as these are never reduced that much.

I thought they would be seeing as andywedge posted the deal haha i ordered a couple so i always got one to wear if the other is in the wash, these are ideal for the summer as the long-sleeved ones i have get on my nerves now its too hot

great shout, just ordered thanks a lot

if normal sports tops (football shirts) i get Large, and they are quite loose fitting, what should i get?

for a normal t-shirt i get Medium, normally a good fit. Slim-Fit clothes such as Superdry i go Large.

Edit: Gone for both. Will flog the smaller one to my brother if it doesnt fit.

Thanks, £2.98 for 2! :thumbsup:

Great spot Wedge. Ordered and heat added.


don't forget quidco - 10% / up to £2 cashback

Sweet, I got this and the book "Dan Brown - Deception Point" for £0.89 Delivered!

The code AFFWELCOME3 gives £3 off orders over £3 for new customers... Since the Nike Baselayer was £2.99 I had to add something to get over £3 and that book was £0.90 delivered so added it and used the code.

Does it give me the six pack shown in the pic? :thumbsup:



Thanks, £2.98 for 2! :thumbsup:




use code 123PRICECHECK

£3 off £3spend.

andywedge you're a horrible person...

...for making me buy loads of stuff and eating into my disposable income, shame on you


Thanks, £2.98 for 2! :thumbsup:

Surely you mean £5.98?

Can't seem to find M size, only S, L, XL and XXL left?

EDIT: Now only S, XL and XXL...


Surely you mean £5.98?

Just read how. Sorry.

Just ordered two nice one mate;

NikePro Baselayer Size Guide
X-Small 32" - 35"
Small 35" - 38"
Medium 38" - 41"
Large 41" - 44"
X-Large 44" - 47"
XX-Large 47" - 50"
XXX-Large 50" - 53"

Grrrrrrrreat deal - ordered 2 - looks like stock is vanishing fast!


Cool :-)

Excellent Price and Topcashback offer £2 for first valid purchase.

Bought 2 myself now. Cheers OP and emhaslam. Heated and repped.

I can't get past the delivery stage no matter what number I enter (mobile or home) I get..

"Your phone cannot contain less than 7 digits."

Heat added. Just got two large ones for £2.98 (£3 off for first time buyers).

only XL left

Only XXL left

thanks for the post andywedge :thumbsup:

heat and rep
as ever scooter



use code 123PRICECHECK£3 off £3spend.

thank you :-D

got a few, thanks op

How do you get a list of the other bargains on this site? Had a quick look but can't work it out. Duh my brain hurts!!!

So what's the difference between this and Amazon market place? Why are these deals acceptable but AmazonMP are not; someone getting a back hand?


only 1 xxl left .......... whose that big and has a flat stomach? ... haha


1 size Small now available?????????? how?

great find. had a play about with it and managed to order an XL and L even though at first it said only XXL left. absolute steal at 1.49 each!

dont accept maestro ******

shouldnt have rushed my order.

just checked quidco and you can get £2 quidco on your first order. will have to try it with sometime...
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