Nike Plus iPod Sports Kit (Sensor) - £15 + £3.95 Delivery @ Additions Direct

Nike Plus iPod Sports Kit (Sensor) - £15 + £3.95 Delivery @ Additions Direct

Found 15th May 2011
Nike Plus iPod Sports Kit (Sensor) for use with iPod. Helps keep track of distance run, calories etc.

Seems cheap enough, I have ordered one, delivery in 2 days.

Need Nike plus trainers for it to work properly.


You don't need Nike trainers, you can buy holders to use them on any running shoe.

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Any links for holders?

Hold on and I'll find the one I use.

Ebay Item No: 180574010855

I found it to be pretty reliable.

Link to their own website here:…php

You could just tuck it behind your laces...

I got trainers from sports direct that have the hole for the sensor in, but i dont have an ipod so this isn't a use to me, will b keeping an eye though in case they reduce the wristband

I bought a Nike + watch, the sensor and the holder all seperate!

For what the holder is (a little pouch that you thread through the laces) It is pretty expensive

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