Nike SV Tour Wedge - (LH 52, 56 & 60 degree and RH 60 degree only) - £39.14 + £1.57 Loyalty Points (inc. Free Delivery) @ onlinegolf
Nike SV Tour Wedge - (LH 52, 56 & 60 degree and RH 60 degree only) - £39.14 + £1.57 Loyalty Points (inc. Free Delivery) @ onlinegolf

Nike SV Tour Wedge - (LH 52, 56 & 60 degree and RH 60 degree only) - £39.14 + £1.57 Loyalty Points (inc. Free Delivery) @ onlinegolf

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A classic wedge with a modern twist. This Nike Mens SV Tour Steel Wedge is 45% softer than regular stainless steel and features the classic profiles and grinds for a clean cut look with maximum workability and softness. Nike has developed their Mens SV Tour Steel Wedge from extensive Nike Golf Tour players feedback, resulting in a profile, bounce and groove contour for outstanding short game play.

SV Tour Steel Wedge CNC Milled Flat Face Technology
By utilising CNC Milled Technology to produce a flatter clubface, Nike has given their SV Tour Steel Wedge a more consistent contact with the ball for improved accuracy while the 8620 carbon steel forging, which is 45% softer than standard 17-4 stainless steel enhances feel for a cleaner impact.

Nike Mens SV Tour Steel Wedge Features
Features like a flatter face and extra softness make Nikes SV Tour Steel Wedge more playable around the greens, providing extra workability for more accurate shots.

Feel Enhancing 8620 Carbon Steel & CNC Milled Flat Face
Sharper Top Groove Edge & Optimum Radium Spin
Designed Using Nike Golf Professional Tour Players Feedback
True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Steel Shaft

Nike Optimal Radium Spin Groove Design
To bring spin rates to an optimal level, Nike has developed a Radium Groove Design with a sharper edge for maximum short game control and when fitted with a high quality True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 steel shaft, the SV Tour Steel Wedge becomes full of feel of comfortable playability.


I have the 60 degree version and it is so easy to hit high flop shots with plenty of spin. Really useful from the rough not too far out as you can take a full swing at the ball with it.

This is the previous wedge used by Tiger Woods and the other Nike Tour professionals (even says it's the model that Lucas Glover used to win the US Open but I'm sure he would have used the newer Victory version, still, he was still using the old Sumo 2 square driver so you never know!).

Grab yourself a bargain (free standard delivery included).


Original Poster

Please don't vote cold if you have no idea what this is about, I know you can get a full set of crappy Dunlop clubs for about £20, if that's what you want to do then fine.

Bar the fancy name is it a pitching wedge?

Original Poster

Yes but there are different types of wedge so it depends what you want. The higher the angle the shorter (and higher it'll go). The product is called what it's called and you select the angle you want depending on what you want it to do.

Different wedges serve different purposes so if you want a picthing wedge in the traditional sense then you'd want a 52 I'd say.

Recently, I started using a 60 degree (cheap) wedge around the green. It makes chipping so much easier because you can really attack the ball and on many occasions I get the ball to stop dead on the 2nd bounce. With an old pitching wedge this would never be possible and my short game has always been my achilles heal.

Interested by the Nike Wedge but not sure how they stand up to the Vokey............

Original Poster

I umm'ed and arr'ed between this wedge and the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled wedge. At the time I couldn't justify the extra price for the Titleist but I have seen them come down since.

I am happy to recommend this as I'm using it and I'm very pleased with it but I have heard nothing but good things about the Vokeys. I got this wedge last year when it was on special and I think at this price it's a steal. It all depends what price the Vokeys are going for these days as I haven't checked.

If you could get one for a similar price I think I'd go for the Titleist just because of their reputation.

Hope this helps.
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