Nike Triax C5 Heart rate monitor

Nike Triax C5 Heart rate monitor

Found 24th Jan 2007
Looks good for £30. Pretty good for those who do a lot of aerobic exercise or endurance training

Spec as follows (NB from different site address below)

NIKE TRIAX C5 Heart Rate Monitor's comments: The Nike Triax C5 Nike's general purpoase, all round HRM / sports watch. It features all the normal watch functions, plus an ECG accurate heart rate monitor with heart zone alarms. These units are HR compatible with most popular makes of CV gym equipment.

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If you don't want to be confused with too many "bells and whistles" and just want the essential heart rate zone alarm, with memory recall, the Nike Triax C5 is the ideal HRM for you. The Nike C series are midsized and will fit most female and male wrist sizes.

NIKE Triax C5 HRM functionality

* Time of Day
* Day/date
* Daily alarm
* Water resistant to 50m
* Continuous Heart Rate
* 1 x Heart Rate Zones
* Target zone alarm (audible and visual)
* Recalls, exercise time, time in HR zone and average heart rate for the total session
* Self change batteries (via easy to use "battery hatch") in both watch and chest transmitter.
* Nike Electrolite backlight
* Ergonomic Chest Transmitter (very comfortabe)
* ECG accurate
* Mineral glass crystal (scratch resistant)

Good eh!

At least 50% less than cheapest on web.

Collect at store available
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Nike Triax C5 (£69.99)

What they say: "The Nike Triax C5 is our general purpose, all round HRM/ sports watch. It features all the normal watch functions, plus an ECG accurate heart rate monitor with heart zone alarms."

What we thought: Nike's HRMs haven't always been well-received among the running community, but this one is certainly worth a gander. It looks good, has all the basic features you need to get started and - unlike Polar's models - you don't have to send the battery away once it runs out. Recommended.SI

Second opinion: "Nike offer something that most other makes do not, sensible Heart Rate functionality and a good looking day watch, not too big or chunky for day use," says Tristan. "The Nike C5 is unisex and features essential heart rate funtionality. It does not have any sophisticated functions like stopwatch with laps or splits, that would be the C8, neither does it have calories burnt, that would be the C6. If you want just one watch, for day use and gym use, then the Nike Triax C5 is ideal. It is analogue FM, so it will interface with most common gym equipment and, as with all Nikes, it has self-change battery hatch."

Overall rating: 8/10 - Other watches in the Nike range - notably the C6 and C8 - have more features, but if you want a decent and fairly cheap HRM this is a good place to start.…tml - bottom
I recommend people trying on this style of Nike watch first. I had one for a while and found the angled facia a bit awkward. The idea seems good that it puts the face in a comfortable viewing angle but you almost feel as though you have to put your arm in the right position to view it.

Know it sounds strange but you will see what I mean when you try it on.

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