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Posted 3 June 2023

Nikita [Blu-Ray] - £5.95 @ Amazon

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Anne Parillaud plays Nikita, a nihilistic punk who is given a life sentence for killing a policeman. Without warning she is transferred to a secret training centre where the mysterious Bob (Tchéky Karyo) transforms her into a ruthless government assassin. Directed by Luc Besson, the film was remade in America as 'The Assassin' in 1993.
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  1. trevordavies0629's avatar
    The TV series of it launched JJ Abrams, giving him the chance for Lost. Rest is history.

    Edit: thanks to who pointed out I was thinking of Alias. Joel Surnow did the TV show of this and then 24. (edited)
    ventis86's avatar
    Do you mean Alias?
  2. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Absolutely brilliant film, one of my favourites. Its far better than the The American remake point of no return or The Assassin as it's known in Europe. Which is still watchable, but just not quite as good after seeing this first.

    Anne Parillaud is amazing in this and still looks good today at 63! I also really liked her in the really cheesey American film, Innocent blood. Where she plays a Vampire (bite me baby). (edited)
  3. FriesWithThat's avatar
    I love a good Luc Besson movie.
  4. gabesdad's avatar
    Brilliant movie. Never tried the US version, but can’t imagine it has the class of the original.
    Phil_Blake's avatar
    I really wouldn't bother. It's not great.
  5. lileyesorelenz's avatar
    This has a great cameo from Leon
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Jean Reno.
  6. Sunrayho's avatar
    Agree, a great movie (subtitles for the non-french speaking though!).
  7. Alf.Garnett's avatar
    brilliant film
  8. Eagerbeaver's avatar
    Brilliant film - never seen it but it's Luc Besson so it will be.
  9. jimel's avatar
    I feel gross watching anything by Luc the groomer Besson
    dopeybeard's avatar
    Yeah I think it's one of those scenarios it's ok to appreciate his films and also the talented cast and crew he brings in to make them, but you don't have to be ok with him as a person. Admittedly I don't know much about his relationships apart from his numerous wives always seem to be young actresses from his movies.
  10. shibli's avatar
    A classic film, stylish and well acted
  11. pr10rflanker's avatar
    ...and Jean Reno, as a 'cleaner' few years before Leon.
  12. dopeybeard's avatar
    Just to ditto the others, great film providing you're ok with foreign language, and it being older and low budget (ish). I just started getting into my 90's foreign language indie type films again like Run Lola Run, Taxi, etc.
  13. Richiejohn's avatar
    Bit of a bummer reading about accusations of rape and sexual misconduct from a director I've always enjoyed.
    daddybr00's avatar
    Don’t read about it then, I haven’t
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