Nikko Nano Vaporizr 2 £19.99 at Smyths Toys
Nikko Nano Vaporizr 2 £19.99 at Smyths Toys

Nikko Nano Vaporizr 2 £19.99 at Smyths Toys

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First deal, please be gentle if you can!

Saw this today both online and in-store. Was available for delivery or click and collect. Although not a patch on the Morrisons black Friday/cyber Monday in-store deal for the full size version of this, I've struggled to find it anywhere cheaper (£24.99 Toys R Us, Argos, more on Amazon).

Nikko RC car - 4 wheel drive, can drive through snow/ice/water, can do 360 degree spins, can switch frequencies so that up to 10 cars can race at once. Fairly compact but looks robust enough, perfect for a first RC car for a youngster. Joypad layout controller.

This is for the red or blue versions. If you want purple it's £24.99 at Toys R Us I'm afraid.

Unlike the full size version however, this doesn't come with a rechargeable battery pack. It will consume AA batteries at a phenomenal pace I suspect, taking 3 for the controller and 4 for the car (with estimated drive time on the 4 batteries of 30 mins - so could get v expensive!


Great fun

The "it's a Nikko" guy on the advert is annoying! Heat!

Is this the one that was £10 at Morrison?

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No, unfortunately this is the smaller version that doesn't come with a rechargeable battery pack - that lasts 20 mins between charges but won't cost a fortune in AAs. Apparently has the same range (15m) however, but suspect not as fast.


Is this the one that was £10 at Morrison?


Eneloop pros , and lots of them for Christmas is my plan with this

I was going to buy these for my two boys (4 and 5), but I can't quite figure out if the red and blue cars run on different frequencies. I'd like for them to be able to use them at the same time. I checked in Smyths and the frequency doesn't seem to be printed on the box. Anyone know?

EDIT: just re-read the OP's description ("can switch frequencies so that up to 10 cars can race at once"). OP, are you sure that this info is correct for the Nano Vaporizr 2?

Also, from just reading the amazon reviews, it looks like they might be harder to drive straight than the trigger type remote controls as there is one stick that drives the right side of the car and one which drives the left. Anyone any experience?

They otherwise seem ideal for my boys as they don't need anything to big or fast.

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Eneloop pros , and lots of them for Christmas is my plan with this

Any recommendations on places to buy those?

Amazon, not cheap - but worth it

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Regarding frequencies, having studied the boxes of the ones I bought (which are both nano vaporizr 2s) it definitely states that up to 10 can race at once - the frequency advertised is 2.4GHz. No experience of actually using it however, but my own experience as a kid of using a remote with separate left and right drive sides was it was awesome as allowed much more control as well as the ability to 360 easily on the spot.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I ended up buying a couple of big jeep type remote control cars. I think they're too big for my kids, but they do have the trigger remotes which, for some reason I think they might get the hang of a bit better.
Having said that, I would still have bought the nikko ones if I had known they could race on different frequencies. They do look the business.
I'll pop in to Smyths next chance I get and check, cos I looked all over the box and couldn't see any mention of frequencies. If I see ones that have the description that you have I think I'll get them.

Back up to 24.99.

Now £14.99 at Smyths


Now £14.99 at Smyths

That's a great price!


That's a great price!

Same price at Argos too (£14.99). Smyths have the new 2.4gHz models, not sure about Argos.

Regarding frequencies, the older models were either 27mhz or 40mhz and you couldn't run two of the same together. It appears that the newer version is now 2.4ghz, allowing up to 10 driving together. My local Smyths store has the newer 2.4ghz version of the Nano. Their full-size cars are still on 27 or 40mhz.
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