Nikko Radio Controlled Fully Functional 1:18 Scale Ferrari 575 GTC £29.69 Or Less + Others from £14

Nikko Radio Controlled Fully Functional 1:18 Scale Ferrari 575 GTC £29.69 Or Less + Others from £14

Found 21st Oct 2006
Race up to six of these Nikko Radio Controlled Ferrari 575 GTC cars simultaneously. They're currently £32.99 at Currys.Co.UK, but using the 10% discount code: NOW10 you can get this down to just £29.69 including delivery. Buy through QuidCo to earn 3.5% in cashback or use the direct link opposite to go straight to the deal...

See Comments in the forum, for a few other R/C model deals including: 1:8 Scale Monster Truck, 1:14 Sacle Mini Cooper, 1:5 Scale Nissan Skyline GTR and others for less than £14

Features for this NIKKO 180203A2 * Digital proportional steering/throttle * Up to 6 cars can race simultaneously * Includes 6v Giga battery case * Includes 9v battery for transmitter * Includes charger * Age recommendation: 6 yrs +
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[COLOR=navy]1:18 Ferrari 575 GTC[/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]Rev...rev..rev...get ready to pull the trigger on this super slick Ferrari 575'll be screeching away before you know it, at speeds that'll have all passer-bys stopping in their footsteps.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]This car looks good - check out the wheels on this! ..and there's even a big bad spoiler for all boy racers out there..young and old![/COLOR]
Excelllent ray, hours of fun with these and they'll make lovely gifts!


[*]2 channel full function
[*]Left & right turning in forward /reverse
[*]4 bonus drifting tyres
[*]Opening bonnet to check engine works!
[*]Actual speed 8 km/hr - to scale 130km/hr
[*]Requires 6 AA batteries for car, and
[*]1 x 9 volt battery for transmitter
[*]Age recommendation: 6 yrs +[/LIST]

£13.49 Delivered! Using NOW10 discount code...

[COLOR=red]WAS £99.99, SAVE £15.00 [/COLOR]
[*]2 channel full function
[*]Left & right turning in forward /reverse
[*]Progressive acceleration & steering
[*]Front & rear suspension for traction
[*]Differential gear
[*]Actual speed 33 km/hr, to scale 300km/hr
[*]Interchangeable - 6 cars can be raced
[*]With 7.2 volt Ni-Cd power pack & charger
[*]and 9 v battery for transmitter
[*]Age recommendation: 8 yrs +[/LIST]

£76.49 after discount...
I love the blue Skyline, however once they're broken that's over, whereas a kit car can be repaired.
That's true and it's fun building a kit car too
Great list !!!!

Thanks Ray
Great. Just got myself a brand new set of wheels!
Price quoted was incorrect with delivery it comes to: £20.48?

1 NIKKO 160134A 1:24TH SCALE PORSCHE 911 GT3RS RADIO CONTROL 1 £14.99 £14.99 5 working days, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Delivery charge £6.99
Limited Offer 10% OFF Everything £1.50
Total Cost (includes all charges) £20.48


]][COLOR=#0000ff]NIKKO 160134A 1:24TH SCALE PORSCHE 911 GT3RS RADIO … ]][COLOR=#0000ff]NIKKO 160134A 1:24TH SCALE PORSCHE 911 GT3RS RADIO CONTROL[/COLOR]Features: [LIST][*]2 channel full function[*]Left & right turning in forward /reverse[*]Slick tyres to maximise grip[*]Requires 6 AA batteries for car,[*]1 x 9 volt battery for transmitter[*]Age recommendation: 6 yrs +[/LIST]£14.99 less 10% using NOW10 £13.49 Delivered!

Thanks for the correction on the Porsche gagandeeptiwana The others had free delivery...
If you like the quick one but don't like the price, you can get the the same series, but with a different shell ]here for just under 50 quid (excluding p&p).

The evo models are - for toys - really good, while it's true that if you smash them, they are pretty much only good for the bin you can get some parts from ]Nikko and elsewhere, dampers, tyres, motors, new shells and the like.

I got my Super Evolution 307 just before last christmas from TK Maxx for 50 bucks, it really does the advertised speed - my other half 'chased' it in a park road, her (real) micra had to go over 20MPH to gain on it. Big, big kids...

Top tip, stay away from badly repaired roads and kerbs, a nicely trimmed putting green or a newish parking area is perfect BTW the other small ones shown here only do about 5-8 mph so a crash probably won't be a big deal
Thanks for the very useful extra information Nookster ;-)
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