Nikon 50mm f1.2 brand new retro joy big piece of glass to play with £375 @ HDEW cameras

Nikon 50mm f1.2 brand new retro joy big piece of glass to play with £375 @ HDEW cameras

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Noticed newish HDEW's site layout yesterday following through on smithyuk's very fine Canon 50mm f1.8 @ £89 deal. Not sure following is a deal as maybe this price for a while, I don't know but it's definitely cheaper than regular retailers. Saw they have this lovely MF lens fully in the Nikon prime lens section - they've often had it before but you kind of had to force site to show it to you. Bought it £339 Oct 2013 but with "y'kno" all the exchange rate politics n inflation +10% 4 years this is what it is. £655 on Amazon prime £855 at truly lovely but you pay for it Grays of Westminster. Used older serial numbers cheaper on ebay and overseas new grey are similar price but with HDEW you buy from a UK retailer with no angst on taxes (either if your concern is UK society stiffed or you unexpectedly get stiffed) and if item is problematic it's an 0181 south London number you call and speak to a British based customer services person about a purchase made under UK laws. They are a good retailer, so far only had 1 problem with a new Hoya filter probably a manufacturing fault - sent photos & replaced next day.
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Would anything be in focus shooting that shallow?
There are better AF standard lenses for all other apertures for Nikon DSLR for definite but if you only want a sliver in focus and nice out of focus or maybe you still use 35mm. It is lovely and smooth and I like MF and it feels good and using such a fine tool that when I was a kid I could never have imagined to actually hold and use and see the results...maybe it's just me
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It's a very good lens and I've used it with an F1 but this is wasted money on a DSLR.
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