Nikon Coolpix 7600S (7MP) for £140.85 delivered!

Nikon Coolpix 7600S (7MP) for £140.85 delivered!

Found 1st Jul 2006
The Nikon Coolpix 7600 is a 7MP digital compact camera, with 3x optical zoon and a 1.8" LCD screen. It is currently on offer at Comet for £140.85 delivered, and it's priced over £160 at most other stores.

Features: Megapixels: 7, LCD screen: 1.8", Optical zoom: 3x, Digital zoom: 4x, Memory card type: SD card.
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Here is the full specification:
[*]Brand NIKON
[*]Dimensions 1.0x1.0x1.0(H/W/D)cm
[*]Megapixels 7 The higher the number of megapixels (million pixels) the better and sharper the image quality and the more you can increase the size of your photo before it loses quality.
[*]LCD screen 1.8" For composition and colour viewing of your shots.
[*]Optical zoom 3x Makes the subject appear closer, whilst retaining high image quality.
[*]Digital zoom 4x Zoom into your images but be aware that this is not actual or "real" optical zoom. Images will become pixelated at the higher end of a digital zoom depending on megapixel setting.
[*]Memory card type SD card Allows you to store still photos onto a SD memory card.
[*]Memory card supplied No
[*]Internal memory No
[*]Battery type No
[*]Battery charger No
[*]Movie mode Yes Allows you to record short video footage with audio.
[*]Macro mode for close focusing Yes Allows filming close up without loss of focus.
[*]Minimum focusing distance 40mm For close-up photography. In some instances, a Macro mode may need to be switched on to achieve this distance.
[*]Autofocus Yes .
[*]Continuous shooting Yes The camera will continue to take photographs whilst the shutter button is depressed. Ideal for capturing sports events.
[*]Optical viewfinder Yes Allows composition without the need for the LCD screen, so saving battery power.
[*]Menu system Yes For easy selection of shooting features.
[*]Built in auto flash Yes Fires automatically when the light is low.
[*]Flash modes Yes Allows the flash to be switched off, or forced in various situations to give the desired creative result.
[*]Red-eye reduction flash mode No
[*]Self timer Yes Allows you to get into your own photos.
[*]Programme AE exposure modes Yes Automatic exposure modes to achive the best results in any photographic situation.
[*]Exposure compensation No
[*]Slide show playback Yes Plays back each shot in order as a slideshow.
[*]Email compatible Yes Records still images as files ready to send as an e-mail.
[*]AV out connection Yes Audio Visual connection.
[*]Video out connection No
[*]PC & Mac compatible Yes For total creativity on any system.
[*]PC download software included Yes Download your images to a PC to edit, e-mail or print.
[*]PC editing software supplied Yes Allows you to edit your photos on a PC.
[*]Other features ED Zoom - - Nikkor lens The lens is the eye of the camera so the better the lens the better the quality of the image.
[*]Other features Battery level display Shows when the battery is due to be recharged or replaced.
[*]Other features PictBridge compatible PictBridge is the technology that lets you transfer pictures from your digital camera to your printer, without a PC or im age editing software. The printer must also be PictBridge c ompatible.
[*]Other features AA battery compatibility The camera is also compatible with this type of battery.
[*]Other features PC compatible This digital camera is compatible with PCs.
[*]Other features Mac compatible This Digital Camera is compatible with Mac computers.
[*]Other features USB cable supplied Faster downloading when connected to a USB port on your PC.
[*]Other features 6 special effects Creative special effects.
[*]Other features Playback zoom Allows area of the picture to be enlarged during playback.
[*]Other features 1.3FPS shutter speed range Available shutter speeds.
[*]Other features Auto power-off Switches the camera off if not in use.
[*]Other features JPEG file format recording Records images as JPEG files for use in PC applications.
[*]Other features Multi-pic mode playback To view several images at once on the LCD screen.
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