Nikon Coolpix A300. Reduced to clear - £80 @ Sainsbury's - Chippenham

Nikon Coolpix A300. Reduced to clear - £80 @ Sainsbury's - Chippenham

LocalFound 5th Aug 2017
Grocery shopping in Chippenham Sainsbury's wandered past the technology bit and there were about 6 of these cameras, all red, reduced to £80 to clear, bought one, and it's really nice. A lot cheaper than anywhere else.

20.1 Megapixel, 8x optical zoom and digital zoom takes it up to x16, but I've turned that off.
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Good price, around £109 elsewhere. Not my choice of colour, clearly they were only in red where you saw them, but still a good deal!
Sorry if anyone has gone ahead and bought one of these, After some playing I've decided I'm going to return mine.
My reasons are non standard USB cable, battery needs to be in camera to charge, plus it's tiny. Image quality isn't what I was expecting and I had low expectations, really noisy at full size, and dark, even on a sunny afternoon like today. Lovely sunset this evening, deep orange, with a few small purple/blue clouds, the pictures I took show none of that beauty, very poor colours.

One day I'll learn that impulse buying tech invariably leads to returns. If anyone knows how to delete this post I'd be grateful.
OP, sorry that you are disappointed with your purchase and are going to return it, but well done for posting that and seemingly undermining your own deal. That is the essence of HUKD, whereby the real value are the comments that follow the original post contain valuable and often hard won information. I always read the complete thread if considering a purchase, especially if it is a technical item. More than once it has changed my mind and saved me money and disappointment.

FWIW I'd leave the deal as is. No doubt others will have thoughts both pro and con its value. As I say, the very essence of HUKD.
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