Nikon D3100 SLR £469 + £25.00 off plus 6% cashback Quidco

Nikon D3100 SLR £469 + £25.00 off plus 6% cashback Quidco

Found 21st Nov 2010
Get a Nikon D3100 DSLR for £417 at Jessops. Go through Quidco to order. Quidco voucher code NIKD3100 gives you an additional £25.00 discount off of the shop/online price for the D3100 which is £469.00. This code also gives you tracked cashback of 6%. Total price after cashback will be approximately £417.00 Don't think you will beat this anywhere at the moment. Very high quality entry level DSLR recently released with 1080P video


Your price is a "MAYBE". You cannot include Quidco/TCB cashback in your quote!

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Appologies I am new to posting on this site could you kindly clarify ?

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PS this is including a standard 14 - 42? kit lens

Hi Robstar63, thanks for posting, good price, heat added. The rule as far as discounts are concerned is that you can only include discounts obtained at the time of purchase in the listed price, so the NIKD3100 code, which acts immediately to bring the price down by £25 CAN be included, so you can change the deal price to £444.00, you can also mention the 6% Quidco, but can't show this deduction as part of the list price.

Hope this helps (and makes sense!).


PS this is including a standard 14 - 42? kit lens

Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm VR Lens

If the £25 discount is deducted by Jessops for everyone (without going through Quidco), the correct price is £444. Your description sounds as if you only get the £25 discount when you go through Quidco.

Edit: I just checked and the correct price is £444 with the code NIKD3100 applied.
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