Nikon D40 + 18-55mm DX - £236.98 delivered (£196.98 after Nikon cashback)

Nikon D40 + 18-55mm DX - £236.98 delivered (£196.98 after Nikon cashback)

Found 28th Aug 2008
I think this was posted before, but can't seem to find it, so have reposted to allow some people to grab a bargain. Be quick though as purchases have to be made before 31st Aug to take advantage of the Nikon cashback.

Here's the link to the cashback offer from Nikon…tml

You can save even more if you live near the store (£6.99)


Seems to have been removed from the website at the moment. Probably came to their senses!

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Crikey, that didn't last long, I ordered one this morning and rang for confirmation it was on its way.

As soon as I had confirmation, I posted it here.

I've expired it now, sorry folks.

Website mentions (£40 CASHBACK EXTEDED) simple spelling mistake makes me a bit wary

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I'm fairly sure when it was originally posted about a month ago that people got theirs ok.

It's not a great site, but is primarily just a shop owner with a ****** website, don't think there's anything to worry about should it come back again.

The fact that it doesn't even have the retailer's logo at the top of the screen would worry me a little.

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Take a look ] here

This is a decent company, they actually have a shop in Middlesboro. If you prefer to visit
As previously posted


Take a look ]here

Useful, only a few reviews but they look good. If I didn't have a D40 already I'd have gone for it!
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